Sunday, February 14, 2010

Mermaid in the making

For a two year old she definitely have no fear. Oh yeah, the occasional 'takut' and 'hantu' but otherwise she is a fearless two year terror. And that scares the whole lot of us. About 5 months back she coolly stepped into her 'atuk's fish pond. And while the grandfather worriedly jumped in and fished her out she was just laughing happily. To my dad, it was deja vu of an incident 34 years prior when my eldest brother, then two decided to step into the deep end of a swimming pool at Primula Hotel in Trengganu.

And so dear aunty was assigned with the task of making darling Aida a water babe. Not that the aunty minded; aunty is always looking for avenues to spend time in the sun and 'surf'...haha... What a perfect reason!

Anyway, last Sunday merman and I decided to bring Aida to Sunway Lagoon. This would be her 2nd visit there and ever since the first 2 months back she has been pestering us to go 'wimming'. And as if she knew she was going to have a fun fun day, she slept soundly from 5pm the night before. Batteries fully charged!!!

Well, she had fun. It is the aunty and uncle who were struggling to keep up. And after she was tired from swimming she ran up and down along the 'beach' and kicking the artificial waves and splashing water at 'innocent' bystanders. The girl is surely lovable and a few people were smitten by her friendly demeanor (She was 'HI'ing everyone she met there).

The photos reveals more that what I can write and she is definitely on the way to be a mermaid.

Merman risking his life fighting a hippopotamus

Aida at the deep end paddling away

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