Thursday, December 01, 2011

Diving Log 2011

For the past 1 year I haven't posted anything on my love of diving. The last diving trip I went was in July 2010 where my precious housing got flooded. Since then, no trips. It is plainly because I was pregnant and later delivered my first child in April this year. There were plans to dive in September when baby boy was about 5 months but was later scrapped as we realise that leaving him a whole day in the hotel with someone who does not look after him often is a bad idea. Bringing a infant to the island at a time when the weather changes and waves may be high was also not very ideal. Hence my abstinence from breathing compressed air in 2011.

Hopefully, I can resume my passion in this coming year. It is possible with some major adjustment.
1. Baby sitter needs to come too (in this case granny)
2. Looks like no backpackers unless they have good rooms and fairly good facilities (for baby and the sitter)
3. The area is fairly accesible with no major transport issues

So I am keeping my fingers crossed. 2012 here I come.