Friday, August 29, 2008


Politicians lie that is what they do. And they do it without blinking an eye. I have accepted this a part of the cycle of life especially in Malaysia. However, having a so-called leader making contradicting statements and actions is utterly ridiculous.

I was told that this is the ‘style’ of this leader i.e. announcing something in the press and the next day do something totally opposite to what he had just announced. Style? My foot, it just shows what a weakling, a wuss the person is. When you say something commit to it. It is such an embarrassment to the country who acts like a ‘lallang’.

The latest of his antics was the last weeks’ fuel price decrease. I am happy that the prices have gone down but Mr Leader was playing games with the nation the whole of last week. On last Thursday, the headlines readNo new fuel price announcements for now, says Abdullah”.

And then the following day,
“ PM announces reduced fuel prices”

Uh, duh? What bullshit, do you mean he suddenly got a revelation in the middle of the night that he should drop fuel prices? If that is the way he leads this country just to his whim and fancy then oh…boy are we in trouble. Or perhaps this is already pre-planned, I am sure it is definitely related to the Permatang Pauh by-elections, “Surprise people…. Fuel prices are now down…Vote for BN”.

Whatever you want to do it is your bloody right as the ‘esteemed’ leader but please don’t say one thing and do another immediately after. Someone has to teach our esteemed leader the words ‘No comments’ when asked issues he does not want to answer or reveal at that point in time.

At the end of the day you are what you are, a liar would always be a liar. It doesn't matter whether you are a garbage collector or the Prime Minister of Malaysia.