Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Secret admirer...hmmm

I am having a severe migraine right now. Thus irritating sms's makes me pissed. The following are the exchange of sms's (re-typed as sent/received) that I got today.

Stalker: Hai Miss Lynn, waype tu? Oncall ke arini...?
Me: Sorry la. Ni siapa ni?
Stalker: Secret admirer..heheheh
Me: Kalau tak nak cakap tak yah sms la. Bazir waktu saya aje. Saya takde masa nak layan
Stalker: Takpela sy sedar sy sape... Suka tgk Miss Lynn//IKHLAS la. Tq reply sms sy td. Aritu nagi sms wish hari raya tk reply pn... Smpi tak tido mlm tunggu. Take care
Stalker: Alaaa.jgn la tak layan saya...Saya sedih nanti.. Camne...? Saya ikhlas la, BETUL...

Maybe if I was a young girl I would be so honoured to get a secret admirer. But at this age I don't think I want to be playing games with guys who appears immature and ball-less. And the worse thing is this person is working in the hospital...must be. No one else would be calling me Miss Lynn.

Anyway, whoever is bored and wants to have fun can call this guy: 019-9545475

Do tell me what happen

Evolution of love

Relationships are a complicated matter but over the past 20 years or so it got more and more complicated. Previously, relationships are usually arranged by families and many fell in love after getting married. These arranged marriages were the norms in the old days especially in societies steep in tradition but has become 'out of favour' nowadays.

Love marriages then became more and more common although parents and families do try to have a hand in it. In the 60's till perhaps the mid-90s, people meet through friends, at work, at school or tuition centres or university, or even shopping complexes (who knows..after a day of lepakking sure you'll notice someone cute)..... This is what I call love on sight (mind you, I am not calling it love at FIRST sight)... as the person sees another person which his or her brain registers as LOVE.

And then, came the INTERNET.... and thus the boom of internet love.

I vaguely remember that in the late 90's I started to get hooked on chatting online. At that time there was no broadband. Only dial-ups, Jaring 1511 or TMnet 1515. Most of us went to the ICQ and mIRC chatrooms. Most of the guys were hunting for sex, some looking for true love whereas majority of the ladies (or gals) were looking for 'true love'....

Well, it was a new world to everyone. The pressures of face-to-face dating was lifted. Those usually tongue tied at the sight of the opposite sex became the smooth talking romeo, with no worries of being themselves. Rejection was a minor worry.

This virtual love sprouted all over and people met and consolidated their relationships in the 'real world' after being comfortable with each others thoughts. For some it worked, but for many it was disastrous. The illusion of love usually falls apart when the first meeting takes place. Our minds play cruel games, we create a perfect partner to complement the virtual thoughts that have been exchanged but alas, reality strikes. The 'perfect partner' turns out not to be perfect at all. And since the mind has created this fantasy many of us could not accept the imperfections and thus were heartbroken.

Few years down the line, broadband comes in. With it comes blogging, photos sharing and full boom of online communities. The chatting arena is still alive and kicking but then, it's mainly for friends or people who have already known each other. With blogging, it exposes outsiders to the small world of the person. Many blog their innermost feelings, ranting day in day out. Some will have fervent admirers, and some are kept private.

Anyway, with this, many skim through blogs to see people with similar mindsets. Again a fantasy is created. Some will gather the courage to make the 'first contact' and then the relationship (as friends or lovers it depends) commences. The difference with the earlier Internet love/ lust is the person has actually vetted through the 'personalities' and sort of found those more acceptable to his or her mindset and thus the likelihood of it to succeed is more.

Plus, since the relative ease in photos hosting many have first vet through the 'looks' of their future 'darlings'... so there is usually no more the shock of the 1st blind date.

Another alternative are online dating services and speed dating but that makes you sound absolutely DESPERATE and desperate is an absolute turn off.

Well, all these are just precursors to the initiation of maybe a meaningful relationship. Life is too fast paced nowadays to go and meet people. Not to say the old way of meeting people is dead but there are some of us who are just plain unlucky to be stuck in an office with a bunch of people who are as lively as a comatose person.

In four days time I will be in Seam Reap, visiting the world famous ruins of Angkor Wat.

The ancient temples of Angkor Wat, Bayon and other ruins of the Khmer Empire rank amongst the world's grandest and most magnificent World Heritage Sites. I will be a trip with my good friend and former room mate Shanta. We have always wanted to go for a holiday together ever since we finished college like 8 years back but never got to it.

So finally, it is happening.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Foreskin hangbags anyone???

Saw this near the Curve. I wonder why they chose this name... Maybe because I am a pervert what I saw was Foreskinstore. Hahaha... but maybe, that was the intent. Who knows??

The foreskin is a retractable double-layered fold of skin and mucous membrane that covers the glans penis. It is usually the part removed in the male circumcision. My youngest brother was so aghast of the thought of going through the circumcision process. He then had imagined that the foreskin would then be tossed out of the window where a pack of hungry dogs would be waiting patiently... to devour part of his ex-anatomy.

Perhaps, if he knows then what we know now he wouldn't be so worried. The foreskin will not be tossed to hungry dogs... the attendant will just pick each and every one and store them in a fridge. The foreskin would then be cured to make foreskin leather which will in the end becomes part of a lady's handbag. Ah what a fine handbag the foreskin will make... previously protecting and covering the symbol of male manhood (yup it's a hood) now it's displayed and caressed by soft female hands. What a thought!

So gals, head up to Foreskinstore, it's your chance to own a former member of the male manhood.

Monday, October 22, 2007

In the physician we trust

The doctor of the future will give no medicine but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet and in the cause and prevention of disease. ~Thomas Edison

A doctor in the family is not necessarily a good thing. It may or not be good for the family but definitely not good for the doctor. A lot of people take it for granted that once they have a relative as a physician they can do whatever they want. The physician will in the end take care of the ailing health of the relative. Usually, they (the relative) are not interested in prevention nor taking care of themselves.

My encounters of such has been quite minimal but there are a few. Many of my fellow colleagues suffer from 'relativitis', a not so new disease inflicted only on doctors by the family members and is mainly infested by severe headache, unnecessary worry and feeling of self-worthlessness.

Take for example myself, my auntie's husband (therefore my uncle by marriage) was a young diabetes. They were married when I was 14, my auntie 24 and uncle was 28. So I basically grew up being close to both of them. Fast forward a few years, I was in medical school and being more aware of medical illness I realise that the family was not in a healthy condition. My auntie being a great cook, was obsessed with feeding all of us, it was how she shows her love. It wouldn't have mattered much if they were also active but being a typical 'nerd' my uncle doesn't exercise nor do much heavy work. At that point, my advice did not matter as I was only a 'medic student'.

By the time I graduate, my interest in diabetic care grew as well as my love for orthpaedics. It's an interest out of frustration on how poorly Malaysian in general precieve diabetes. They always think that by taking medicine they are free to abuse their body and binge on what ever they desire. And when they come to the Orthopaedic ward they are usually in sepsis with fulminating infection of the limbs that we have no choice but to amputate the diseased limb in order to safe their lives.

Back to my family, at this point, uncle has had diabetes for nearly 12 years. The lifestyle had no improvement nor did the diet. I sat one day to have a heart to heart talk with both of them. I told that dietary control is more important plus quitting smoking and the need to exercise. I also told that with a young family he needs to take care of his health - renal failure, eye complications, neurological complications and lastly what I do the best, amputations are real risks. It went like... "yeah, yeah.... I know... don't worry, I am taking care of myself... nowadays I only take 'teh tarik kurang manis"... Uh duh?? Got me so riled up but I decided to leave things alone. I guess since they know me as a kid, I have no right to give any advice.

A year after that he was so ill that they came to see me in the hospital. He has sepsis and uncontrolled sugar level (this was way high). I admitted him to the medical ward (3rd class ward) and I gave him along lecture in 'I told you so'. His eyes and kidneys already showed some impairment. And all his stupid relatives could see was..."hey, why is he admitted to the 3rd class ward?". Still after this incident, he was unrepented and continued his 'wayward' ways. Well, both of them. And everytime I came and visit them I can only shrug my shoulders and let it be. The worse thing is, they'll ask me "Eh ok kan???....memang banyak lemak tapi uncle makan sikit aje..boleh kan???"

But the highlights of it was when we went for a fishing trip in I think was Sabak Bernam. Met somewhere at a the highway, I noticed that his face was skewed. When I inquired, apparently it occured overnight. It seemed like a stroke to me as he also had difficulty in walking. Although I inststed I was right they decided to go ahead fishing at some river and being worried I tagged along. However, as the hours passed he got weaker and weaker. I was very worried but he was as stubborn as a mule.Finally, his own uncle (who is a contractor and businessman) told him " Ekau ado angin ahmar".. and they believed what he said.....and all this while what was I saying....another Uh duh??? I guess apart from being a contractor he was also a part-time bomoh and thus is more revered and trusted than a medically trained doctor.

That was the starting of the end, my uncle had abused his body till he went into end stage renal failure (ESRF), severe retinopathy and thus vision is impaired and has numerous other complications. The ESRF was a jolt into reality but then it is too late. Now he requires thrice weekly dialysis and that is such a hassle and a lifestyle change.

As a niece, I went a did my duty. Arranged all the medical treatment, got my friends to look after him and advise the various aspects of his illness but I kept my distance in taking any part. I cannot be compassionate anymore and furthermore, I would not be taken seriously so why bother.

This is just one chapter in a few family stories but then the gist is the same. Never treat your close family nor friends. They are just using you to justify their illness and actions. 'Relativitis' and 'Friendititis' are real and makes you wonder why did you ever want to be a doctor.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Feels like in the city

A new joint in sleepy hollow Temerloh

The fairest of them all

I know I am biased against whitening products but this takes the cake. "Nivea deodorant - whitening extra care"..Uh duh??? I have a question for the users of this product.... why in hell do you want white or fair armpits??? Is this one of the Asians dilemma??? Just imagine this 'intimate' conversation...

Boy: Ah , honey, I have to dump you???
Girl: But why????*crying*, Am I not pretty and fair ??? (I have bought 1 carton of Fair and Lovely- just to woo you)...Why????
Boy : Sorry, you are pretty and fair BUT.....
Girl : But what???
Boy : Your armpit is not as fair as your face.... It has been my dream to date a girl who has armpits fairer than Snow White

Or perhaps, there is another reason... for us dark skinned people, having white or fair armpits may allow us to walk in the dark without any reflective clothing or even lights... Just roll up your sleeve and raise your arms... your ' armpits will show you the way....

But before you go and get a bottle of this, you'd also better look in the mirror..... If you look like this....

Go ahead and buy it.. You'll need that hunky body to show off your armpit. If not, just keep it covered and hidden under your clothes like all of us, the mere mortals.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Lost for words

I found out this morning that one of my closest friends has just been diagnosed to have cancer of the breast. It was a very uneasy feeling to hear that. This friend of mine was my clinic nurse, a close confidante, and was like a mother to me. I immediately gave her a call of which she confirmed the rumour I heard. She was calm and told that she wanted to tell me after she got the results of the 2nd biopsy. I think I was more distressed during the phone call. But then, I realise that she and I used to look after Chye's oncology clinic and how she used to counsel the patients to be strong. She said that she cried when she was alone but she too remembered what she said to others.

I felt so bad as during Raya I didn't go and visit her at her home in Gombak. I could have alleviate or share her worries then.

My friend has been a very compassionate, righteous and a very helpful person. Karma-wise she would not have any problems. Hopefully all those moments that she used to help people in need would influence God to lessen her burden.

This is not the first time someone close to me is suffer, and I realise it usually happens to good people. Why, I don't know, perhaps I am only close to good people and thus only see them suffer. Maybe it's God's will to test them and see whether they rise to the occasion.

As for me, I am so poor at this. I may help people in my life daily but when it comes to those close to me I am lost. I am lost for words, I am lost in what to do. I know what is the best but am I emphatic when I say what I need to say? I feel like shedding some tears but I know it doesn't help nor do any good.

I seek solace in God for he is the only one who can provide them the ultimate comfort.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Puasa month was a good month for food. Although I rarely ate out but I had loads to eat, and variety too. I guess fasting stimulates my mind on what to eat or cook... And I cooked almost daily..

Alas, Day Three of Eid, back at Temerloh, back at work I have no more drive... i do not feel like eating... although I am hungry.... I love eating... that is my hobby. So loss of appetite is like loss of libido... ah.....depressing.

Maybe I should try sex....That's is another depressing subject!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Selamat Hari Raya

Raya was a quiet event... 1st day was spent at home (most of the time)...eating and sleeping. This is the first time sis is pending Raya at her in-laws in Taiping. So at home was mom, dad, ode, Ijan and I.....

anyway, i went to meet Azrin and Inda at about 10pm with Haidar ...spent 5 hours there.. gossiping as usual..hmmmm left at 3.30am after the Romania and Netherlands football game.

2nd Raya went to visit two friends- Fazah, my 'twin' and Guile, my new friend from the world of Bloggers.

Fazah's place
Arrived at about 12.30noon... had some tidbits while waiting for Avthar... the idiot took 2 hours to come... and he lives in the neighbourhood. Anyway, had some makan... Aiman was as quiet as he can be... and Aisyah was bobbing up and down and trying to make us give her more and more Raya money (she's aiming to get another RM50)...

-monkey aisyah-

aisyah and uncle avthar

Guile's place
Reached at 4.30pm...and soon after Spena arrived... also the same thing happens...Gossip.... and laughing at about 6.30pm

Gist..been a boring Raya cept for meeting up friends....Miss my friends!!!!

What am I looking for (in a man)?

Someone asked me this question a few days back. I was rather amused but then started thinking about it. Ahhhh..... damn tough question. Women are rather complex aren't they...heheheheh.

What I don't like...or would try to avoid?

  1. Typical Malay attitude
  2. Typical Kelantanese attitude
  3. Men whose aim is to mold a woman into their ideals
  4. 'Small janggut people'
  5. So-called good and 'alim' people (well, this is the same as no 4)
  6. Guys who like to brag on how good they god, do you think I am stupid and cannot judge for myself
  7. Stupid guys (male version of bimbos or what I call Dumbos)...uh duh..
  8. Scruffy looking fellas (have some decency to shave and comb ones hair laaaa)
  9. Men who cannot talk..... this i may give a bit of slack as they may be a bit awed when in my presence...
  10. Men who have no balls to say "why don't we go out".... and instead send sms "blh knl awak ke??"

What would be a 5 star sign in a guy?? (Bonus link points)
  1. Speaks and writes good English
  2. Athletic and outdoor type of person
  3. Well read (not a nerd if no 2 is taken into account) so that I can learn something new from them
  4. Passionate about what they do .e.g work, hobbies etc and know what they want
  5. Confident of themselves and appreciate my intelligence and not be threatened by it (I am a smart woman,,, occasionally I may act like a stupid bimbo but that is usually when I am bored or when I want to test a person)
  6. Looks...NOT!!!.... Heheheh... I am shallow but looks most probably is not the main criteria... It is what you call a beautiful mind that is more enticing...
This is a general guideline but then it really depends on chemistry.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Raya shopping

I left work at about 11 am on Thursday to go shopping with Guile. Had a target....I needed shoes.

My Scholl loafers are almost at their death bed. The sole are cracked and when I went to the wet market earlier this week the water seeped through...euwww... that was the sign I needed to make me go shoe hunting.

Anyway, we headed to the Curve.... 1st Metrojaya- saw a few Scholls but the design wasn't that great. Moved over to Ikano towards Crocs- wanted to see the new Crocs Sassari... so beautiful... tried 2 sizes..size 5 and 6... 6 felt a bit loose so I went with size 5. Wore it immediately... the sole is so comfy, however the sides started biting. Thinking, should I have bought size 6?? ah RM 169 too late.

my Crocs Sassari

Then we went to One Utama (old wing)... Ah... sale at Jusco... saw Scholl, Clarks and finally Snowfly.... Design wise I loved the Snowfly...and so comfy...soft leather. Ah what the heck, I only buy shoes once in two years.... and this is only RM153 (after 30% discount). So the total damage is RM322... (thanks to Guile...I think she secretly works in the shoe making industry *wink*)
the comfy snowfly

Next shoe shopping - Raya 2009

Friday, October 12, 2007

Me, myself and I

I have a friend who is currently in the dumps as he feels betrayed by the one he loves. As a person, he wanted a companion to be with him through thick and thin, till death do you part. However, things did not go as planned and now he feels he's alone. Alone in this world of uncertainties.

He is not alone, as he has friends who cares ( and I am one of them). Maybe we cannot give the support a lover can but we still care. I am one who believes we are the master of our own happiness and destiny. We dictate what would affect and weakens us. WE! I!

Therefore, the comes the statement " Me, myself and I"... It is my motto in life. After a few life changing experiences and relationships... being crushed to the core and having to pick up the pieces of my life and soul I decided that enough was enough. My happiness should not be dictated by people around me, it should be by me. If a person makes me sad and unhappy then they should not be in my life...

Now, I am a selfish b%tch... an ice-queen. But who cares what people say.

As for my friend, I hope he pulls through this.It is a rough road ahead I must admit. But then that is what makes us a better person

For my friend

A friend asked for my opinion in some matters of the heart. Complicated matters which is therefore never straightforward. It is not a matter of black or white nor yes or no.

I may be the person's friend but when I am asked such matters I cannot based my decision on my friend. I need to take into account every possible reasons of what has happen. And tell my opinion based on what is the truth. I may have acted unmerciful and blunt when saying what I said.

But then, I guess it is my responsibility as a confidante, as a friend, if being blunt is what it takes for me to get it through the thick skull (maybe whacking with a mallet would be more fruitful) then I have to do it.

There comes a time when a person has to do what a person has to do. It may not be what other people expect of them but then, the decision-maker would have to live with the end results. It may not be a fairytale but then at the crossroads not one would know the final outcome. Retrospective analysis is a futile exercise except to prevent similar mistakes but the most important thing is to make the best out of everything.

So to my dear frind, I know what I say may be hurtful, but I do care and I hope you will pull through this.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

ungu-kekasih gelapku

What does this song mean?

This is my intepretation.

A guy is in a relationship with a woman which he truly loves. However, because of circumstances he is unable to reveal or profess his love to anyone but her. She thus has to stay in the shadows of his life.

Don't know why but I am depressed

Melayu Baru

With regards to my previous post, let me tell a brief story of the old frail lady. She has been bedridden for a long time and is taken care of by her one daughter. She has many other children but all were too busy with their work and family to look after her.

Anyway, she developed an infection and gangrane of her foot about a week back. Her daughter wanted to bring her to the hospital but her siblings refused as they asked her to wait till after Raya. But since the foot got worse and became smelly, she was adamant and thus came into our care.

This was the story given to us by her daughter

I am so sad that this is happening to this lady, majority of her family members can't be bothered to look after her.... she would be sad too if she was mentally lucid.

And what is this attitude of after Raya... what is the great deal with Raya, bloody hell they rather have a decomposing corpse at home so that everyone can be there happy there together taking photos with the ailing grandmother.. Or is it that having her in the hospital is so inconvenient and spoils everyone's holiday plan?

During Chinese New Year we see the trend where parents are pushed to the hospital to stay while their family goes off holidaying... those who have served in the ER of government hospitals would know... but are the Malays following suit???

I may rambling about something that I may be totally wrong about. I know nothing about this lady nor her family and thus may have gotten it all wrong. But assuming my assumptions are right, what is happening to the so-called caring Malay society??

How do you decide??

Life as a doctor is pretty mundane...Day in day out you will do almost the same thing, rounds at 8am, clinic at 10...blah..blah..blah But there are occasions like this past week where it has been an adrenaline rush. It is meant not in a good way. As I mentioned earlier, there has been an exodus of patients to the ER over this week... and this is not yet Raya. But what I am rambling about is not on how busy it will be etc etc etc....

I have been practicing medicine for the past 8 years.... but one thing I have never gotten the hang off is how make the decision whether to go for active resuscitation of a patient or not. Tonight I have been ask to make that call. A new admission who is elderly and has multiple medical problems was admitted with gas gangrane (a potentially fatal infection) of the leg. She has been bedridden for months and is taken care of by the daughter. Anyway, her pressure crashed tonight as she was in sepsis. My medical officer after resuscitating her called me to make the decision for active resuscitation or not.

Ah, I was in two minds. First and foremost I have no idea of the patient and her social support and thus can I make the decision there and then. I asked for active resuscitation but went myself to asses the situation. There lie a frail looking lady gasping for air.

Ah...shit.... next running through my mind is her quality of life.... can I ever improve it? Should I prolong her life in this current vegetative state? But then who am I to make the decision? Is the family accepting her very ill condition? Things like cost and quality of life is something hard for me to quantitate. 8 years never got me comfortable in making that decision. If I know the patient longer perhaps I wouldn't hesitate but this lady is 'new' to me.

We sent her to ICU. There I met her daughter who was crying away. I saw the old lady in the ICU.... we intubated her. Now I feel guilty, I should have the guts to say NO. I am making her miserable, but how can I let go. Ah I don't know, I don't know, I don't know...

And now at 1.30 I cannot sleep... I have done her wrong. If I was in her shoes I would want people to let me go and die in peace.... Ah......Life is depressing...

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

My first love

Had to have this last night.... pucuk paku goreng. This was the 1st dish I ever learnt to make. As a 9 year old I would pester mom to make this (hmmm to think about it... this was my first favourite dish ...ever)... Anyway, mom told me if I like it so much I have to learn how to make it myself.... and thus my subsequent love with cooking. After that, whenever anyone had a craving for this I was the official cook...

Monday, October 08, 2007

Drive Safely

It has been a busy weekend and I have another two days to go before I finish my call. When my colleague Su told me that oncall in the puasa month is horrendous with severe injuries and bad accidents.. The past three days proved that.

Today tops it up. At about 6.30 pm I received a call from my MO informing me there has been an accident involving a family of 5. What made me really sad was this incident involved kids of 4 years, 3 years and 5 month. The father had spinal injury and may be paraplegic after this. ahhh...such a young family. What i cannot tahan the most is hearing the baby cry and cry...

I am so sad.

When I hear the radio advert on to be safe on the road I usually laugh... but it is true. It is usually the ones around us that is affected when we drive carelessly or when we are involved in an accident.

So dearest friends,

Drive defensively, drive safely
Take a break when you need it
Hope you will reach your destination and back safely

Selamat Balik Kampung
SElamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Cute butt guy (Part Two)

Seademon put up a photo of a butt in his blog...It was butt ugly... So I decided to google for the nicest butt and I found a site that claims to have the nicest butt on the net.

This is the best male butt so far

Book Tag

Seademon tagged me. Thank you dear,

30 books I have read, I have read loads more but I just can't remember their titles.....Haven't read any fiction for the past 4 years...should start back

1. The hobbit -JRR Tolkien
2.3.4. Lord of the rings - JRR Tolkien
5. Harry Potter and the Philosopher Stone
6. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
7. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
8.. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
9. Patriot Games - Tom Clancy
10. Clear And Present Danger - Tom Clancy
11. The Sum Of All Fears - Tom Clancy
12. Debt of Honor - Tom Clancy

By Agatha Christie
13. The Man in the Brown Suit
14. The Secret of Chimneys
15.Murder on the Orient Express
16.Why Didn't They Ask Evans?
17. The A.B.C. Murders
18. N or M?
19. The Hollow

By Sir Authur Conan Doyle
20.The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes
21. The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes
22. The Hound of the Baskervilles

23. The Return of Sherlock Holmes

By Roald Dahl
24. James and the Giant Peach
25. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

26. Matilda

Ah, Sweet Mystery of Life: The Country Stories of Roald Dahl
28. The Best of Roald Dahl

29. Diving in Malaysia - Kurt Scrvula
30. Guide to underwater photography - Micheal Aw

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Everybody Lies

I love watching Dr House. What I like the most in the 1st Season was his outpatient consultations... how he diagnoses people by just looking at them. Wish I was that talented.

Anyway, occasionally things happen at work and this would lit up that tiny corner of my brain where I store my Dr House memories... My favourite line "Everybody Lies"... my brain blinks almost daily of this quote in my practice... yeah everyone lies....

Anyway, got new season of House on Astro, that is if I ever find the channel (who's great idea was it to change the channel numberings???)

Bored again...(Part Two)

I must say...sedap!!!

p.s. did this during oncall... heheheheh

Friday, October 05, 2007

Bored again...

Temerloh Candy Cookies

Right now I am making my usual Raya treat.... Kuih Tat... teaching my colleague Su how to make in exchange of learning how to make the Indonesian layered cake...
Will put up photos later

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Bored...bored to death

Chocolate chip cookies
Freshly baked (Out of oven 10.30pm)

For straight females only (Part 2)

- As requested -

Angka Sawan....

This was taken from the Angkasawan Blog

Aug 28, 11:26:09 AM LILY wrote:



Hmmmm... idola setiap perempuan...I don't think so!!!! Doesn't she realise he is too happy to notice any women interested in him....

Anyway, still hoping one of the members of the 1st crew has diarrhoea, or fever...etc and thus up goes the 1st group... SUPPORT CAPT DR FAIZ......

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

For straight females only

This is specially for guile, sexy guys are good to look at (and drool over)... Btw, have you noticed the damn good looking ones are always tanned and dark haired... (or maybe it's just me....).. *drool* *drool* *drool*

To comfort always

"To cure sometimes, to relieve often, to comfort always."


Yippie...something to be happy about

This was my buka today.... Lamb chops with salad and baked potatoes....

But that is not the reason I am happy.... My camera is back and it's now working well. Sent it to Olympus and it cost me RM 385 to repair...yeah..yeah..yeah...people tell me it's cheaper to get a new one...but if I change my camera I have to also change my underwater setup...ahhh... cannot afford that in the near future...

This means, more underwater photos soon... I come... OOoooooOOoooo... that's only 23 days away.... ah... I am almost narc on the surface...need to get underwater soooonnnn...

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

My next year holidays

Ah... a new year means another 30 days to go for trips....What's lined up..

January 7th to 12 (4days' leave) - Lankayan Island - diving trip

April - dates to be confirmed - Redang, 2 Irish brothers are coming to do their OWD... I am tagging along..hehehe

May - can I go to Aberdeen and visit Saliha??? Wish to see the Queen Mothers Hospital in Glassgow where I was born.

July - Dive medicine course by the Navy. They said this coming year will be in Semporna... 2 weeks..hopefully boss agrees...

the later half.... not yet planned...but maybe just short trips around peninsular... furthermore, need to keep time for the Divemaster training...