Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Relay For Life - Cancer Never Sleeps

My dearest friend is working for the National Cancer Society and has been part of the organising team for Relay for Life.

Last year we joined in the crowd in the activities organised. This year I thought I would do something different. I made some crafts for the association to sell. All proceeds goes to the Relay for Life fund.

I made tote bags, handphone pouches and handphone charms. I hope they sell (fingers crossed)

I hope people would attend the event as it shows our support and empathy to cancer patients, survivors and their families.

For more information on Relay for Life, visit the National Cancer Society website (here)

Note: Since this is such a big and important event I decided to post the same entry in both my craft and this blog.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

KK Getaway

It was almost a last minute planning for my Kota Kinabalu trip. Although the flight tickets were bought 8 months ahead initially it was for a diving trip. However, due to some unforeseen circumstances the trip had to be cancelled and I was left with the paid flights.

Although this is my 4th visit here I never had the chance to explore the area, land exploration especially. I have dived twice at the Tunku Abdul Rahman Park but then I have already decided this should be a land tour and so diving is definitely out!

Our first stop was the Tamu Jalan Gaya. It is situated right in town about 20m from the Tourist Center. There are a lot of wares peddled catering for both locals and tourists.

Animals on sale (different types of tortoises, dogs, fishes, cats etc)

Most popular stall - local ground coffee

On sale - natural loofah, local basket-ware, antiquities.

In summary it is a 'pasar malam' with a few unique finds.