Monday, May 26, 2008

My Gift To Merman - Underwater Love

This is my first post after my wedding and honeymoon. I had a great time at both events as things went quite well. Merman and I had things the way we wanted it and that included my 'hantaran' (wedding gifts).

*Dear Mike and Matt, in a Malay wedding the bride and groom usually exchange gifts which we call hantaran. They are usually put on trays and exchanged between the families just before the wedding rites.

Anyway, since it was my wedding I had a free hand to decide what to do. I cracked my head over it ever since Merman proposed and I accepted. I have to thank my sis for putting it through my head I can do whatever I like and since I am a underwater freak I should do an "Underwater Theme". After that I lulled over the idea but never could come up with anything solid.... I had sketches of ships, shells, treasures, diving tanks but could not put it in motion.

Meanwhile, my buddies and families had to eat cockles and clams I wanted the shells (Thank you Amir & Wanie, and also you Merman for without you guys I would not have my supply of shells). I also had a basket full of seashells which I collected since I was very young. You see, no live seaslugs were hurt in the making of the collection.

The idea only formed the last few days. By then I had all the basic stuff I would need, just to put them together. It was really fun and in the end I think the results were amazing.

As my grandmother puts it "It's unique and beautiful".

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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Safety First

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Every week I see kids landing up in the hospital. Some with minor injuries and some with severe fatal ones. Some times they are unavoidable like injuries at the playground or while playing football etc, some times it can be lessen by teaching or making them to use safety appliances like helmets when riding a bicycle or rollerskating or using a child seat in the car.

Last week, a 3 year old child was thrown out of a car when the car fell into a ravine. Mom all strapped up with the seat belt came out unscathed but the child had severe head injuries and a cervical spine fracture. These were massive injuries. He was lucky that the spine fracture did not severed his cord which would have been fatal.

Anyway, on the road you will see daily defiance of child road safety. People letting their child stand through the sunroof, putting their heads out of the windows, riding with 3-4 pillion riders on a motorcycle are among what we see daily. If parents do not have common sense to disallow or prevent this acts how are we going to teach kids road safety. Using car seats and child helmets? Tough luck. The problem is, people think that things won't happen to them. "Oh, it is just in the housing area so no accidents would happen". Don't they know that majority of RTA involving children occurs in the residential areas?

So how mush is a car seat? prices ranged from RM100 plus (carrefour) to thousands. So if you cannot affort the more expensive ones at least should buy the cheaper alternative. It at least keep the child strapped to the seat ( and not become a pinball in the car). If one can afford it what is a thousand bucks compared to the assurance of you child's safety?

I hope in the very near future we can change the mentality of Malaysians in terms of road safety especially when involving children. I really hate hearing a child scream in pain when they are injured. I makes me so sad the whole day. A child should have a happy childhood, not suffer in pain. It is the adults responsibility to ensure this!

Saturday, May 03, 2008

Kiss me out of the bearded barley....

I do not come from a kissy huggy family. We care a lot for each other but we do not have public displays of affection.

And that's why I feel awkward when people start hugging me. Hey, don't get me wrong, I like cute handsome hunks hugging me..... That I don't mind. What feels funny is when other people hug you such as when you meet your gal friends and it is time to say good bye. Apparently it's a fashion to hug and give three muaahhh on the right...muahhhh on the left and lastly muahh on the right... It must be an Arabic thingy, Malays are so besotted with the Arab culture nowadays.

A major awkward moment happened today. I was there standing in the ward talking to this 17 year old who fractured his spine. He was damn lucky that his spinal cord was not compromised and thus he will be able to walk after receiving treatment. Anyway, the parents wanted to take him to another hospital (yippiee less work for me) as they are not from within the vicinity. I arranged everything for the transfer and was about to go off. Grandma who was sitting and observing all the time got up, came straight at me and gave me a huge hug and started showering kisses on my cheeks. She was sobbing while thanking me of all that I have done (which is not much actually!!!) Mann, she was a huge lady! I felt so uncomfortable but I thought it wouldn't be appropriate to pry myself away at that moment...(ahhh... doctors are supposed to be understanding and emphatic) What was I supposed to do???

So I let her hug and kiss me... and manage to whisper a few comforting words. When I had the chance I peeked left and right, I was imagining people looking and sniggering away. Hmmm... surprisingly, the coast was clear. No one seem to bother. Is this normal???

For now I am traumatised.

p.s. Must blame my parents (hehehe...not really lah... I am happy we are not so kissy and huggy people... Just imagine if Mom came to school and started showering me with kisses...So embarrasing!!!!)