Thursday, November 15, 2012

Sipadan and Mabul Again!!

Small fish on a Whipcoral
My first dive after the birth of my son was in March this year. That trip was to Redang and I managed to do 5 dives. Recently, I went for a diving holiday to Mabul Island. It is a trip that required good planning as not only Merman and I were going we were bringing along my boy and his babysitters (grandpa and grandma). My mom was happy as she has been hinting to me to take her to Sipadan ever since my first trip there in 2005.

This time we stayed in Borneo Divers Mabul Resort. It was my first time there and I am not dissapointed. The cleanliness and setting was up to my mom's standards hence there was no complaints (phew!).

We did 2 dives on the first day both at Paradise II the house-reef of BDMR. Visibility sucks as it was just about 3-5metres but underwater life was lovely. This was expected as I have dived here so many times before.

Small Cowrie snail seen at one of the dive sites around Mabul

The second day we did 2 dives in Mabul and one in Kapalai. Viz remained the same. However, we still had great dives with many sightings of turtles and sharks. The most memorable moment was watching more than 7 turtles at a rock near Barracuda Point.

I still have not gone through photos taken above water at the resort and in Sipadan Island. Therefore, I am only putting up the underwater photos. Just in case anyone is wondering why there are only macro shots the wide-angle stuff I took sucks; viz was bad but I have never been a great photographer anyway!

Taken at the jetty of BDMR about 2 feet under the water level

Three turtles at Barracuda Point; I wasn't sure if we were witnessing an orgy

Common as this species may be it still makes me happy to get good close ups of them

Saturday, February 25, 2012

30 day 'no-lifts' challenge

It has been 10 months, initially I lost all my pregnancy weight (thanks to breastfeeding) but lately I gained about 3 kgs. This is because I had uncontrolled bouts of eating.... and lack of exercise. Tried to go for jogs during weekends but the crazy call schedule only allows once a month Sunday brisk walking or jogging.

Gym? definitely out of the question. No nearby gym for me to go at night plus my son is at the clingy stage. He will stick to me like a leech once he is back from the sitters.

Early morning exercise? Used to do that last time but even though I now wake up earlier (alarm iis set at 5.45am) I spend my time by getting ready for work, 15 minute pumping (milk for the baby), arranging the diaper bag and sending the small one to the sitter...

So this week I have started a 30 day No Lift (Elevator) challange. It means that I have to walk up and down the stairs if I need to. So far it has been a 4 days success.

Why this challange? I am using the hospital and my working hours as my personal gym. Apart from going upstairs I also make myself walk faster, try to contract my glutes as I walk and 'try' to eat smaller portions. I hope by doing this I am burning more energy than usual hence allow me to 'lose' some weight. As for toning up my abs, I think that is a lost cause so I am just concentrating on the weight and bums first.

I guess I have to keep a tab on my progress to see whether my logical as-you-go exercise works. It is scary to see the measurement on measuring tape but I guess it has to be done. As for the weighing scale it is now at an all-time high of 63.5kgs...dang!