Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Time: Where Can I Get More of it?

It has been a long time since I wrote a post.

Few factors influenced this.

One: Maxis broadband connection sucked for the past 3 weeks. But walla, since 2 days back it improved more than 100%. I guess they must have had some mantainence work done. My complain is 'Why were the consumers not informed???'

Two: I had so many other things to do. Finally, I cleaned up all the jars I collected and started to decorate them for my kitchen. It was fun and it is still a work in progress. I haven't got yet the theme that i want and thus still toying around with some ideas: glass painting, decoupage etc to name a few.

Three: Another work in progress is my garden. I have decided that although it is a rented house I will still try and make it into my dream garden. I have been hustling around for plants (mom is my main victim) as plants are extremely expensive nowadays. I am also dabbling in the 'Edible Garden' concept as I love cooking food that I grew myself.

Four: Almost everyday I try new simple recipes. One or two failed (my spinach antipesto tasted yucks; and my brownies did not look as it should in the cookbook) but I had a few wonderful successes : Ayam pandan (used pandan leaves and lemongrass from my garden); Celery Roasted Chicken (recipe thanks to Teh my colleague); Tuna Pasta Salad (thanks to Mei Lin); my own creation 'Ayam Berlada ala Siam' (hahahah such a corny name)...

Thus I wish there is a 48 hour day. I have so many things to do but so little time.