Sunday, September 30, 2007


Federal Holidays
10th Jan Awal Muharram
7th-8th Feb CNY
20th Mar Maulidur Rasul
1st May Labor Day
19th May Wesak Day
7th June Agong's Birthday
31st Aug Merdaka Day
1st-2nd Oct Hari Raya Puasa
27th Oct Deepavali
8th Dec Hari Raya Haji
25th Dec Christmas

Pahang State holiday

1st Jan New Year
7th May Hari Hol
17th Sept Nuzul Quran
24th Oct Sultan's Birthday

Thinking of when to go for holiday... although I am at a spur of the moment person... I plan my holidays way in advance

Toddler poisoned

This brings us to the question... who is at fault? Where was this poison kept? A 13 month old would not be able to open cupboards or open tight lids... therefore, some one must have left it lying around. It's simple negligence.

I used to remember government ads on TV regarding poisons especially weedkiller. It tells parents to keep such poisons clearly labelled, and out of reach of children. This is not an isolated incidence. Some were minor poisonings that remain out of public scrutiny.

If this was paraquat, even though the child is now out of ICU, her future looks bleak. Lets pray for the best for this child.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Ramadhan Tag

Thanks to the Jembalang Laut I have been given the Ramadhan tag....


My mom’s nasi lemak

Laksa johore

My mom’s bubur lambuk

Tako tao

Ikan bakar Teluk Tempoyak Penang


My mom’s nasi lemak

My mom’s lempeng and sambal

Paper thosai

Nasi goreng cili api (yummmmyyyyyy)

Tako tao


I don’t buy food for berbuka but I’ll be cooking

Nasi putih

Telur masak lemak cili api

Ayam goring berlada

Kek lapis rempah (just made during lunch time)

Sirap bandung johor

5 people I want to pass this on to

I have used up the last of my remaining glucose supply on the 1st three task... so for now I'll tag no one

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Insensitive Malaysians

I was driving to work yesterday when I heard the brief news on Hot FM.... Ibubapa Jazlin boleh didakwa... My initial thoughts ...."What the F#$%?".

My god, they have just buried their child, after a month of searching and hope.... such statement should not have been made. People make mistakes, which parent that have not suddenly lose their child in a shopping complex??? Sometimes just a second of being non vigilant the child is lost into the crowd...

It is not a time to finger point at the easiest target, i.e the parents. It's a time to look at our social context and what we really teach the children... In the past there were not as many psychos lurking around, and knowing Wangsa Maju, the area is family orientated... The only mistakes the parents may have done is trusting their neighbourhood to much, and letting their guards down.

First and foremost, I think that investigation of what happened and identification and eventual arrest of the culprit should be the utmost importance. This is to prevent other innocent children from becoming victims.... Not just this particular fiend, but all those sex fiend that has been terrorizing our society.

Second, we need to educate parents to be more vigilant. Our parenting skills are usually hand-downs i.e we care for our children as our parents care for us. Some neighbourhoods in the past were so safe that children ran around playing with no worries at all. Now, the present parents have to be like the Westerners "Do not talk to strangers"; "Do not follow others"; "Only mommy will pick you up from school"...

Lastly, we have to re-instill the good neighbours attitude in our society. This is especially in the towns where people are so used to 'not minding other people business'. If a child gets pulled in to a car...and things looked suspicious people should be a busy body and just poke their nose in... if it's nothing, it's nothing. But if it is something serious or criminal then you may have actually helped the situation...but who knows.

I am so sad for the demise of the child but I am also so angry at the insensitive satement made. Bloody hell, if you have nothing constructive to say "SHUT UP"...

Another group of people I am pissed throughout the recent events are the STUPID INSENSITIVE so called journalists of a leading TV station... after the discovery of the body and the DNA results a lady 'journalist' interviewed the deceased sister who was sobbing away..."Who do you think is the dead body"....."I don't know"...."Then you mean it is not your sister??"..."No...."... " Then if it's not your sister, where is your sister??"... Arrghhh... stupid fart, a person (and mind you this is a child) is trying to cope with the news of a dead family member and you try and sensationalise that they do not admit it's their sibling.... People need time to accept...

Just wait, raya is coming soon... same stupid journalist will be out prowling looking for families that have lost their member during the Raya Rush Home.... Same standard line of questioning..year after year....." Jadi apa perasaan Puan tentang Hari Raya tahun ini..."... Uh duh??? that is surely a RM 1 000 000 question.... and then the cameraman would zoom in on the sobbing faces... Vultures!!!!


Yesterday, I knocked off early... unintentionally. After, buka, I called my MO to find out if there is anything urgent as I felt dead tired... shoulders aching, back feels like giving way..... Was so happy when he said he didn't need me there.... I slept off on the sofa by 9pm.... nothing productive done at home tonight...

Why was I soooo tired? Well, yesterday I had few surgeries lined up (monday is my operating day), and all 3 cases used image intensifier.

Image intensifiers are special devices used in surgery and it involves the usage of lower dose x rays to produce images, enabling the viewer/surgeon to easily see the structure of the object being imaged. In Orthopaedics, it is used in surgeries that mostly involves putting an implant in the medullary canal (intramedullary device)

Anyway, since the cases involves radiation from the II, all those involved had to use radiation protection in the form of a lead gown (which weights > 3 kgs)... So I had a total of 5 hours lifting more than 3 kgs on my shoulders.... During surgery, I did not feel anything, I guess the adrenaline was pumping.... but at the end of the last case, oh boy, everywhere aches...

I guess this is added on by the fact I am fasting, and drove all the way from KL in the morning... or perhaps just that I am already old.... hmmmm......

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Tioman LOB

Finally I got the photos from my recent diving trip on the Kaleebso.
No underwater pics though, sorry

As usual.... food at Kaleebso is a scrumptious affair....

Gearing up for the night dive

Front of the Kaleebso


For more photos: go to my flickr:

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Cute butt guy

went to meet some new friends for late supper last night.... apparently after listening to me rant and laughing their heads off (I am a natural comedian, mind ya)... they decided that I should be hooked up with some guy (who..I dunno).. but apparently he has the butt to satisfy my criteria.. ah... not a criteria that's absolute for my dream guy...but as some of my friends know I get turned on by cute pert butt.... *drool* *drool*

Anyway, if the butt turns out as above I guess I will imagine slapping or pinching it (imagine only laaa.... the guy may get a huge shock if I did it for real..hee hee hee)

"hi..I am Lynn... nice meeting you, heard so much about your butt....oppsss about you.... by the way, do you think I can hold your butt"...

" I am so glad many people think so highly my butt...why don't you have a feel"....

Hmm... that doesn't sound right.... but then who cares.......This is my imagination so butt out!!!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Ouch... that hurts

Received an influenza immunisation this afternoon. It's a State Health drive to get all health personnel immunised... which strain I dunno... but I guess that they are afraid if the hospital staff gets ill during the 'epidemic' then the whole system may collapse...

Ahhh... no chance to get MC and rest at home....

It's now 1730H - 2 hours after the innoculation. My arm, neck and shoulder aches... Hmm... boss, can I get MC tomorrow???

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The next step

I am already in my 4th month of gazettement as an Orthopaedic Surgeon.... Time flies I must say. Still a lot of things to learn, new things, refreshing old but almost forgotten things... the cycle never ends.

I have been also actively undertaking care of all the Paediatric cases.... especially the clubfeet. I initially thought of doing Paediatric orthopaedic as a sub-speciality but now, I don't think so. The reason being is I am too lazy to study anymore. If I do subspeciality training, I have to join a 4 year fellowship... that I don't mind.

But with the recent changes in Malaysia Orthopaedic fellowship training I am not keen at all... There is an examination at the end of Year One and another at the end of Year Four. Enough is enough... don't feel like stopping life just to take exams anymore. Furthermore, Paeds sub-speciality is so vast, I have to read everything under the sun... embrology, genetics to name the few topics... It is almost like studying for the Paediatric exams. And one of the reasons why I opted not to do Paediatrics was that.... too lazy to study that much.

I would not have minded if the 4 years is an apprenticeship kind of posting... I love reading for knowledge but not for exams... and thus my decision.

I may opt to do advance trauma, not to say it is easier, but it's more of adrenaline rush kind of field plus... it's a bread and butter type of sub-speciality... dunno... have another 6 months to make up my mind....

Monday, September 17, 2007

Rescue Me - A Redang Experience (Part 2)

Finally Macha's lappie is OK.... these are the photos he took during my last dive there... yess the seahorse!!!!!

I am so in love with Redang

in the morning

woke up this morning and wished.......

Friday, September 14, 2007


This photo was taken 3 years back... my mom had this bakawali plant and what is so special about it is it only blooms once, in the middle of the night and then the flower wilts the next day. That is how I hope my life will be... ends with a bang... and then puff...goodbye

Pervert Alert

My colleague Su was complaining that her punch card got lost about 2 weeks' back when we were doing our call claims..... I thought that she had misplaced it (as I often do)

This morning she came up to me and showed me the card... found it slipped under the door of her apartment (hospital quarters). At the top was written...."Tel no saya: 017 xxx xxxx.... saya ingin ajak awak keluar... sila call saya"..

Uh duh??? Su was a bit distressed... means that the person know where she lives... I was on the other hand curious... Facts and questions I gathered from this incident

  1. This idiot must be a hospital staff
  2. What type of men do this kind of irritating behaviour (again, confirmed an idiot)
  3. Why is it these 'men' think that single professional women are so desperate that they'll go for any dick that pass by
  4. Malaysian hospital are breeding grounds for psychos and sex fiends (similar episodes have happened in all the hospital I have worked in - I myself have been in such situation)
I am not anti-men, I am anti opportunistic parasites or in Malay 'biawak hidup'. So sad that in this modern era of Malaysia there is a new breed of Malay men, the ones who have no pride in being the head of the family and has no shame in living off the earnings of his wife(s); to the extent some would seek a well-paid professional Malay lady with hopes that he would never ever have to work and can just be a stud...(that is if he is a stud!)

So what??

What is so wrong being single? An idiotic man at the petrol pump came up and was making small talk with me.

Idiot : Kerja mana? (where are you working)
Me : Hospital
Idiot: Kerja apa?
Me : Adalah (Got la some work)
Idiot : Sister ke staff nurse (yeah rite, women in hospital can only be nurses la...MCP!!!)
Idiot : Dah kahwin?
Me : Tak
Idiot : Eh..takkan menyesal sampai tak nak kahwin (uh duh???)

At this point i was already pissed... wanted to curse the fella but ahhh... remembered this is the Holy month and I should refrain. Bloody hell, non of his business and who is he... ah...

Me : Hmmm.... (get lost fella, i don't want to talk to you)

Idiot : Kenapa la ramai perempuan kerja hospital tak nak kahwin... saya dah kenal 3 orang semua umur 30 puluhan.. tak mahu kahwin....

Me : Hmmm...
(stupid idiot, malay women do not want to get married because there are so many Malay man as idiotic as you).. plus...blah..blah..blah....

*really spoilt my puasa coz I was cursing him eversince then....

Thursday, September 13, 2007


I hate forwarding or sending sms to all those in my phone book. Since yesterday I have received nearly 20 sms wishing me Selamat Berpuasa. Since I won't reply, I am taking this opportunity to wish all of my Muslim friends

'n' sElAmAt BeRbUkA

p/s... it's better to donate your 20 cents to some charity then giving to these telcos but to those who has already sms'ed me thank you for keeping me in mind

I have been tagged

My friend Guile (who I have never met) has tagged me.

5 Things In My Bag

  1. my wallet
  2. car and house keys
  3. occasionally my laptop
  4. A Scrunchy
  5. My phone book (yeah the one that you write in....not the PDA stuff etc)

5 Things That Are In My Wallet
  1. ID card
  2. My PADI AOWD card
  3. Loads of receipts
  4. My MC (medical chit) that I haven't handed in
  5. My credit card(s)

5 Favorite Things In My Bedroom
  1. Radio
  2. Phone charger
  3. Loads of cushions
  4. My king sized bed
  5. My stand fan

5 Things I Wish To Do
  1. Live by the sea
  2. Dive for a living
  3. Get so rich that I do not need to work
  4. Wake up in the morning by the side of this gorgeous guy who is totally in love with me (hmmm... is that a legitimate wish?)
  5. Go to visit Saliha in Aberdeen

5 Things That I Am Doing Now
  1. Sitting on my couch and being pissed off with my boss about something that happened at work. By the way, I am now at home at 3.45pm (I am that pissed)
  2. Listening to Hot FM and letto's whatever songlah
  3. Thinking of what to eat today
  4. Scratching my knee
  5. Looking blankly at this screen

5 People I Would Like To Tag
  1. Lily
  2. Divechiefkaz
  3. Avthar
  4. Floweryskies
  5. AzrinT

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Have a safe journey my buddy

Surface Interval in Sipadan in January 2006 - Marina, Saliha and me

My dive buddy is leaving this week. She is going to do her Masters in Project Management in Aberdeen for a year. We met first on the trip on Kaleebso on 17th December 2004 when we did our AOWD together. Who would have thought then we would turn out to be great friends.

Therefore it was apt that our last trip before her leaving is on Kaleebso... We had loads of fun!

I am going to miss you Saliha. Don't forget to YM..... I may visit you there after your exams.

Good luck and have fun!!!

January... Lankayan Holiday

Planning my next holiday.... this will be in Lankayan Sabah. Muck favorite!!!

So far, Azrin, Inda, Kaz, Salwa have bought their tickets.... hoping a few more friends will join. On the KIV list are Mulderizz (my long time internet buddy from Singapore), Shelly and Diana. Also enticed to follow would be my sis Marina and Wan her hubby..

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Diving again

I will be diving again this weekend.... and will be on the Kaleebso doin Tioman LOB style. Not sure if my camera is ready but then the diving will be great. It will be me, Marina, Wan, Saliha, Kaz, Inda, Shalimar(my buddy from the girl guides) and her friend Diana.

Grey's Anatomy

Life is not fair. Why does Meredith Grey gets a cute hunky neurosurgeon and gets to work in a hospital where everyone looks damn good. And the cardiothoracic surgeon is not bad looking too.

Where ever i I worked ( I have worked in HKL, UH, Penang GH, and now Temerloh GH) there has not been a remotely good looking guy that can spur me on to wake up for work. Even the occasional good looking dying patient like the one Izzie was head over heels has yet to surface.... Ahhhhh.......all those kids wanting to become doctors to have a life full of fun, sex and scandals would be very disappointed listening to my life as an orthopaedic surgeon... No scandals, no sex in the call rooms, and the closest I come to something remotely exciting will be the time my surgeon played footsie with me during OT.

This life is boring .....................................

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Streamyx meltdown

I am now on dail up....

Called the TM 100 number.... It takes bloody TWO days to determine what wrong with my streamyx connection... I dunno how long for them to rectify it after that.

I am pissed... now I feel like I am living in Temerloh.