Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Much ado about weddings

What is it with women and weddings???

When it comes to weddings I think I am abnormal, atypical, weird woman...but then I am actually a mermaid so what else can be said ... . When acquaintances tell me they are tying the knot, I would just go "ah, congratulations" and then walk away happy that someone has met his or her 'true' love and is on the way of being blissfully happy ever after!

But then I would not goo goo gaa gaa and start asking 101 questions. This is my list of irritable questions I get when I tell friends when I am getting hitched.

Who is the lucky guy?
Hello.... if you guys know the groom I would have said X-man and I are getting married. Even if I mention who also no one would know...duh!!!

What does he work as; where is he from..blah...blah..blah??
Hmmm.... if I say he's a farmer from Ulu Tembeling (and you sort of think that he's not right for me are you going to ask me to consider ditching him????)

So what is your theme colour? Oooh.... how would your pelamin look like??? Have you made your baju???
Crap.... if you ask me these questions then I was wrong. You obviously are not my friend and thus do not know that I HATE WEDDINGS!!!!!! (and thus should not be invited to the event)

Eh...did you invite so-and-so?? Why not la... He used to be your boss.

Another crap... It is my business who I invite...I do not need to justify to anybody!

You must be stressed and worried about your big day

Do I look stressed and worried?? Man, you really do not know me. To me what is important is the end results... And whatever happens, I am sure that I will be married to that certain why worry??

You must be excited.
Uh duh...must be an understatement. Do you want me to go on and on like Cheryl Samad hosting a talk show??? I should have said " Yeah, I am excited to the possibility of endless supply of free sex!"

Well, I am sure there are more to add on to the list as THE DAY comes nearer... For now, "STOP BUGGING ME!!!!"

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Merman or Neptune?

I don't know if anyone noticed or even if anyone still reads my blog but I have put a countdown just below the title (yup, it's official, my big day is in less than three weeks' time). The mermaid has finally mesmerized a merman.

With so much going on (plus work is absolutely crazy) I had no time to update this blog of mine. Actually I have so many things to blog a.k.a. complain about ever since merman and I decided to tie the knot. So much crap in getting hitched, no wonder some people just have sex!

And thus, there will be no lovey dovey story here. This blog is a reflection of my true nature, my outlet and hence the endless complaints. And where to start????

Anyway, after Meet The Parents and after the Parents' Showdown ( was a very cordial meeting) we had to decide on the Wedding itself. Both of us being very simple people decided to do away with all that was unnecessary and stick with what is required. Thank god both sets of parents were also very practical people and we had no resistance there. We laid out our game plan and everybody agreed.

So what's out?
No engagement
No kompang
No sanding
No 2nd reception (yup, both receptions will be at the same place and time)

And IN will be ....
The nikah or the wedding rites (how I wish we can do away with that)
The Reception (immediately after)
The Exchange of Gifts i.e. Hantaran in malay (my side will prepare 7 gifts and merman's five)

Next on the list was to decide on the colour. I love blue, that is my favorite colour but I realise that bright colours looks gorgeous during the day....and thus going with light yellow..or perhaps peach...or light orange or light green....gosh!!! Anyway, I sticked with yellow but in my mind, I don't mind if it turn up to be a myriad of colours... more cheery (it is a joyous occasion).

Mom and sis are arranging the bridal suite (as if I care how it turns out,but I am sure it will be wonderful), the catering and the venue preparation (which is in my parents' place). I meanwhile did the bunga telur (actually my colleague Su did it, I just helped), the bakul telur (did not want the ceramic stuff my sis got for her wedding) and my side's hantaran (still working on the concept till today :( ).

Paperwork, getting married is such a tedious process (that itself deserves a post on its own).

As of today, all is under control (or I hope so..heheheh). And so what if it is not. The only way that it's going to be a bad day is if the merman decides to chicken out (yes dear?).... If the end result is what is expected then it's going to be a wonder wonder wonderful...or wonderfools day!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Jinxed (Part Two)

Back to this week.

My calls usually are quiet. Quiet that I can sleep peacefully at night.

But on Friday The situation started to get out of hand by the evening. My phone was quiet (which is normal) but I had a really bad feeling. My two medical officers disappeared from my afternoon CME teaching, which is not usual. By the time I wanted to go back, I decided to take a peek at the Casulaty. OMG it was crazy, 3 victims in 3 different accidents, all in bad condition. One was attended by my team, another by the anaesthetist and the last one by the surgical and ENT teams. I joined in to stabilise Patient No One. Patient No Two was taken to ICU for stabilisation and was subsequently followed by Patient No Three. Anyway, all were stabilised but it was nearly 9pm. I was so tired, I went back and fell asleep almost immediately.

However I couldn't sleep well thinking that I will be called in for Patient No One once the anaesthetist deem him stable. Hmm... little that I know he would only stable after one day... Surgery only started after 7 pm last night... and finished at 11.... Dead tired!!!!!!

Today I thought...ah.. at least Patient One sorted... Little did I know that due to unforeseen complications, I had to go into OT at 5pm and came out at 7.30 pm... Ahhh... and before that I was all the time in the ICU reviewing the patient and talking to the family... it was such a mental stress that I had severe migraine.

All ended well, perhaps not that well but that is beyond my control. However, till now I still have the severe headche. Hopefully 2 Panadol would do the trick. And I am going to sleep now!

So Lesson For The Day: Do Not Ever Change Calls!! You will be CURSED!!!

Jinxed (Part One)


That is what this past few days have been. And I am sure the reason is clear. I broke the unwritten rule of no changing calls once the roster is printed.

I was supposed to be on-call last weekend but I swapped with Su as I wanted to attend to something in KL. I should have guessed by then. I had an unlucky weekend. I never believe in bad luck or jinx but that must have been a sign.

On the way back last week, as I passed through the Bentong stretch of the highway my car hit a huge steel block which immediately dented both rims over the right side and punctured my tyres. Two cars in front of me hit it at the side of the car (my guess, since they were able to continue with their journey after a brief stop) but I went smack unto it, the failing light didn't help as by the time I saw the shadow of the object I was too near.

Anyway, with two punctured tyres I was cursing. And also pissed. It was nearly 7.30 pm what luck would I have to get a workshop to change my tyres? Immediately the highway patrol came over (actually, they were there when the car hit the metal steel and according to them they noticed the metal bar but had not been able to extract it till I hit it.... hmmm, I do not know whether to believe them; my other hunch was that they were the ones who planted the object there... but then since I have no evidence I have to go with option ONE)... Anyway, the guys were kind enough to change my rear tyre and I requested them to tow my car to Genting Sempah (I was thinking of getting my mechanic to bring a spare there and change it for me). The guys were initially agreeable but later told me they found for me a tyre to borrow/rent.

And soon after, came a car full of guys with a spare 14 inch tyre. I was initially elated. But when I asked the head honcho what is the plan, he wanted me to drive to his workshop for him to 'repair' my rims and according to him my tyres may still be in good condition and after that I can continue with my journey... uh duh??? Looking at the impact and the effects on my rim I didn't think so... I managed to persuade him to lend me the tyre. Anyway, the guys looked sleazy and I am not that stupid to go with them. After exchanging numbers (Hmmm... they trusted me to come back with their tyre?) I headed back to KL....

The bad news didn't end there... (I had to spend RM 1K plus to change my rims...)

To be continued....

Friday, April 11, 2008

e-filing - mudah, tepat dan selamat

Again for 7th consecutive years I do not have to pay any income tax. Yippie!!!

I must say the e-filing system of the Inland Revenue Board or LHDN resolves any headaches I used to get when doing my annual tax return. I have for the past 6 years been doin it for my family members and doing it last year was a breeze. So this year I embarked on the same mission.

I hit a minor glitch last week. Tried to log in. I was such in a haste that I failed to read the words "Login kali Pertama" and "Login e-Borang". Should have chose option number two since I have done it last year. Instead I chose option one and got flabbergasted when they ask for my digital certificate number. Ah, so I thought that I had to go to the LHDN office to do so. Which I did today! After getting my 16 digit digital login ID, I being a natural complainer went and complained (unofficially) about the hassle doing it year in year out. The LHDN fella then gave me a lecture on the need to remember my own password for future tax return. Then I realised, "aiyoh, I never got to that page of password la"

Anyway, back within the comforts of my home, I logged in at 1247am today. Tried the new digital certificate number they gave me. Hmmm, oh shit, the system said the number given does not match my income tax file number. Then I decided, why don't I try the "login e-Borang" option. Filled in my IC number and my possible password. You see, I have only 3 possible passwords, and I succeeded on the 2nd attempt.

I did not have any receipts with me so I thought let's just try it out just to see what I have to pay without putting any other deductions. I only remembered the amount I paid my insurance (maximal allowable cuts for KWSP and personal insurance is RM6000 total) and thus mine was max; and I paid zakat about RM600 per year.

What I love about the programme (e-filing) is that I can do away with the calculator. Just fill in the blanks and the programme does the rest. And this year, without even putting any amount for medical expenses(Max allowable cut= RM5000), books (RM1000), Education fees (RM5000) it tells me that I do not have to pay a single cent.

It was so simple, it took me less than 5 minutes.Kudos to the LHDN, e-filing is truly the way to go.

Overdued - the Lankayan Report

-wrote this in January but did not seem to have published it,. So, better late then never-

The trip is one that I would not forget. First and foremost, it is one trip where I did not even see the sun, the skies were cloudy and grey all the time. Yeah I know, it is the monsoon season but then I have been in Sipadan and Kapalai in December and january where it drizzled on days but I did not expect no sun for 5 days straight. We did get a slight peek at the sun in the early hours of day four but then when it came for us to dive the sun did a peek-a-boo.

The surface were choppy all the time but it was good experience. I bobbed up and down, swallowed mouthfuls of salt water, and panicked for a few seconds on the surface. Visibility were alright as I have dived in 2 feet of poor viz before and here it was 5 to 8 metres.

But despite all that, I was amazed. If the viz and the weather had been better it would have turned out to be one of the best trips ever. I was amazed at the underwater treasures that greeted us. It was a macro heaven with numerous species of nudibranches, crabs, shrimps, seahorses and also full of pelagics. And to me unforgettable sights were watching the bottom during each descent, numerous blue spotted stingrays glide over the sandy bottom hurrying away afraid we might do a Steve Irwin on them, it looked like the runaway of the busiest airport in the world; and the highlight of the trip watching a leopard shark in action, swimming just above my head.

The sizes of the species were amazing, almost all of the nudibranches we saw were huge, and I mean huge, the size of a fist, I did not need to use my macro lense to see the details of their gills. Thehuge giant cuttlefishes were really huge and the lobsters size spanned about 2m from the tentacles to the tail.I guess the abundace of underwater life is a testament on how conservation work is successful. Lankayan is part of the Segud Islands Marine Conservation Area (SIMCA)with its research office in the resort itself.

Lastly, I made a few friends on this trip, our local divemasters and crew, fellow divers; Anne and Thomas, the honeymooners from Norway; Jans and Marie restaurant owners from Holland; Dita and Stephan from Indonesia/Switzerland.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Chaotic Day

Today, there was a moment of chaos in the ward. Chaos has always been an integral part of Malaysian public hospitals and this is no exclusive event. But for those living in laidback Temerloh it is something!

A patient warded was caught trying to inject himself with some 'psychotropic' drug. It wasn't a drug acquired in the hospital but the bloke apparently had someone purchased the drug from a local clinic. Must give him the hats off for being resourceful. He's literally chained to the bed due to some fracture he has and my guess is, he's due for his regular shot.

This scenario is very common in most general hospital in Malaysia especially those in the big cities. I remembered in Penang during my housemanship there was a lady who would do her regular rounds to buy for bed bound patients food, cigarettes and drugs. Supplying a service where it is needed - certainly a welcomed Malaysia Boleh attitude!

Anyway, the drug scene is really still a huge problem in our society. It doesn't just affect individuals, it effects families, the community and the country. I wonder are we doing enough to eradicate this menace? And I wonder what progress will we make in this area in 20 years time?

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

A Redang Quickie

Three dives only in a weekend was not my ideal idea for a weekend getaway. But then that was what I did this week. Drove from KL on Friday night (I had a 3 day long course) and reached Kuala Trengganu at 7 am. Breakfast and then, I hopped on the Sejahtera 1 ferry towards Redang. I must say, ever since the public ferry was started going to Redang have never been easier.

The ride wasn't smooth. The cabin was stuffy and had this wierd smell that made me felt sick. I did not have my Tiger Balm with me...damn!!! That is my miracle drug. Anyway, I decided to sit up at the open deck for some fresh air, hoping that would make me feel better. It did for a while, until the sky turned dark and rain pelted down to earth. Everyone else rushed downwards into the cabin, I decided to stay put, sitting on the centre of the deck crossed legged, dozing off to sleep.

The sky cleared as we reached Redang.

My water taxi was already waiting and whisked me towards Mozana... the hideout for the famous Redang SeaGipsies. As the boat reaches the dive centre, I could see 2 white men busily assembling their diving gears. That must be Mike and Paul.

Mike Durack, my email friend for the past 8 months. He is the reason for the trip. To finally put a face to a name! Mike knew Fazah, who in turn told him of my obsession with diving. And thus the friendship started. Mike wanted to visit Malaysia and do some sightseeing while he's here but both Faz and I managed to persuade him to try diving. So back to the past few days, the Irish lads were busy taking the Open Water Diver course in Redang. And they were joined by 4 doctors who heard about it and got equally excited in jumping in and dive. So in the end, I had 6 people interested in the OWD course.

Meanwhile, I was still tweaking with my new camera. It has been wonderful topside but underwater my photos have been disappointing. I know what I needed i.e. a strobe but I am cash strapped now to buy one... 2nd dive I managed to borrow Macha's DS 125.. and immediately I can see the difference...

Ah I must get one!

Back to diving, conditions were not consistent. During the first dive water was greenish with 5 m visibility, we did see a turtle though, and some jenkin's ray (they were huge) and loads of big fish. That was at Che Isa.
2nd dive we went to Sting ray city or more aptlu should be called abandoned Sting Ray City. No rays in sight but I was just enjoying the corals and my new (opps...borrowed) toy. Visibility slightly improved.

The 3rd dive was on Sunday morning. And on this dive, Macha and his students joined us to Terumbu Kili. Visibility was good, no currents and the group enjoyed themseves tremendously. I was swimming here and there taking shots of everything...ah wonderful!!!!

We left Redang onboard the 1pm ferry leaving Mike and Paul. They have fell in love with the place and wanted to extend their stay. It was a short but nice trip. And I MUST HAVE THE STROBE!!!!!