Monday, May 26, 2008

My Gift To Merman - Underwater Love

This is my first post after my wedding and honeymoon. I had a great time at both events as things went quite well. Merman and I had things the way we wanted it and that included my 'hantaran' (wedding gifts).

*Dear Mike and Matt, in a Malay wedding the bride and groom usually exchange gifts which we call hantaran. They are usually put on trays and exchanged between the families just before the wedding rites.

Anyway, since it was my wedding I had a free hand to decide what to do. I cracked my head over it ever since Merman proposed and I accepted. I have to thank my sis for putting it through my head I can do whatever I like and since I am a underwater freak I should do an "Underwater Theme". After that I lulled over the idea but never could come up with anything solid.... I had sketches of ships, shells, treasures, diving tanks but could not put it in motion.

Meanwhile, my buddies and families had to eat cockles and clams I wanted the shells (Thank you Amir & Wanie, and also you Merman for without you guys I would not have my supply of shells). I also had a basket full of seashells which I collected since I was very young. You see, no live seaslugs were hurt in the making of the collection.

The idea only formed the last few days. By then I had all the basic stuff I would need, just to put them together. It was really fun and in the end I think the results were amazing.

As my grandmother puts it "It's unique and beautiful".

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Spena said...

sad to say I had to work on that day. YOur hantaran is definitely different and beautiful. Don't I get a 'buah tangan' from the sea too?

~Tis§ot~ said...

ms mermaid and mr merman,

congratulations... :)
may ALLAH bless both of you throughout the years and till the end of time. insyaALLAH.

p/s: lovely hantaran

D.N.A.S said...

Congratulations to mermaid and merman.
I really love the hantaran idea. The watch presentation is the best.
Will recommend this to my friends.

Bakawali said...

Ah spena....nanti I bagi u.....:)

Tissot, TQ

d.n.a.s.... TQ to u too

p.s Glad you guys liked the hantaran!!

najibest said...

congrats u guys...sorry can't attend the reception ...let's go diving :)