Sunday, December 14, 2008

Kuching Shopping Paradise

Yesterday, we started our journey at about 10 am and drove to Kg Serikin at the border of Indonesia. By the time we arrived at the area is was packed. The presence of the many tour buses at the small village road caused a jam of about two kilometres and it took us about half an hour to find a place to park.

The place is wonderful to find cheap Indonesian crafts and some local ones too. Practically anything can be found there; clothes, shoes, cowboy hats, household daily items, furniture, carpets, antiquities, jeweleries and even chandeliers.

We bought a lot of rattan crafts ( which is a fraction of what it costs in Kuching) and spent nearly two hours there. Lunch was at a local shack run by Indonesian migrants.

On the way back we stopped by Kg Duyoh. Here, the traders are mainly the local Ibans and we did another round of shopping. Here, stuff sold are mainly vegetables, fruits and local handicrafts (quality are way better). We had some local Iban delicacy - pulut stuffed in pitcher plants and steamed with peanuts and dried shrimps and it was so delicious. The local traders here were so friendly and helpful and did not mind me asking 1001 questions, I did have a lot of stuff to ask.

We started our journey back at about half past three. We passed by Pekan Bau and its Blue Lake and then headed back to Kuching. On the way back we dropped by Satok Market, a huge weekend bazaar. Again, so many stuff to buy. It is a combination of a wet market, 'pasar tani' and craft's bazaar. Amazing!

After spending nearly RM400 we headed back with a huge problem. How to carry all these stuff back?


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If I use DHL then the cost of transporting would be more the stuff themselves...hehehehe...

ardy said...

All that and none for me?