Friday, December 11, 2009

Sniff, cough and sneeze

Isn't it funny how we assume other people would know the same things we know? Like how nice it is to eat sambal tumis ikan bilis with lempeng;). But then, maybe only I am the one who assume such things.

Anyway, when different people meet we discover the revelation that however familiar one thing is to us it may totally be foreign to others.

And this is worse when you meet a doctor. A sickly doctor that is. The doctor usually knows that when she is ill what is usually the problem. When she coughs badly she knows that it is worse because of her asthma and the only thing to do is take her inhaler and ensure that her room and environment is dust free.

And when she has back-ache is most probably due to her poor sleeping posture the night before and she just need to 'sleep it off'.

But then, to a person who is totally non-medical, the coughs, sneezes, moans and groans are pretty scary. It is totally foreign. Hey, it may be something sinister. And it is totally not reassuring when the other person tries to reassure you that it is something mild between her bouts of cough. It is sweet when you see how the other person is concerned and then you know how they really care.

On a different note, in a reverse situation the non-medical ill person may think that the doctor do not care or take it too lightly when they are sick. And the doctor have to consciously remind themselves to show compassion and share their reassuring thoughts.

So, in conclusion, it is a not an advantage to marry a doctor. Hahahahaha.