Wednesday, May 12, 2010

KK Getaway

It was almost a last minute planning for my Kota Kinabalu trip. Although the flight tickets were bought 8 months ahead initially it was for a diving trip. However, due to some unforeseen circumstances the trip had to be cancelled and I was left with the paid flights.

Although this is my 4th visit here I never had the chance to explore the area, land exploration especially. I have dived twice at the Tunku Abdul Rahman Park but then I have already decided this should be a land tour and so diving is definitely out!

Our first stop was the Tamu Jalan Gaya. It is situated right in town about 20m from the Tourist Center. There are a lot of wares peddled catering for both locals and tourists.

Animals on sale (different types of tortoises, dogs, fishes, cats etc)

Most popular stall - local ground coffee

On sale - natural loofah, local basket-ware, antiquities.

In summary it is a 'pasar malam' with a few unique finds.