Friday, July 15, 2011

Aida and Ariff Cameron Adventure

Cameron Highlands has long been a favourite holiday destination for my family. It was a huge treat for us kids ad my dad always dream of having a plot of land there. So last weekend most of the family headed uphill to enjoy the cool highland temperature. My dad was estatic as he had all his 3 grandchildren to accompany him. I am not sure if the two youngest realise the difference of environment as Azry is only 3 months old and Ariff just turned one. However, for Aida who will be four this is her third or 4th time in Cameron and she already had her 'plans' of what to see.

Aida's to do list for Cameron was:
See Strawberry farm(eating strawberries was not as she said they were too sour :)
Visit tea plantation and eat scones and jam (actually that is atuk's plan)
Go to see the bee farm (and see the bees buzzing around)
Feel the coldness
And see the flowers and insects

'having tea with atuk at Boh's tea house'

'Trigona bees at the Bee Farm'

'Having a closer look'

''Rock and cacti garden at Al Mashoor'

We stayed at the at Dr Ayob's house in Kampung Sedia homestay. It was a 3 bedroom kampung house with 1 bathroom, 1 toilet and a fully equipped kitchen. Surrounding the house are strawberry farms and vegetable plots. They were just planting cabbages when we arrive hence no photos of fully grown vege to show.

This time around we decided not to go to Brinchang which is higher up as the jam was ridiculous. We thought by coming non peak season there would be no jam but then according to the locals the jams were a normal occurance every weekend and it becomes massive during peak seasons.

Places visited this time

Ladang Boh Sg Cheding (Habu)

Bee Farm (Habu)

Strawberry PYO in Kg Sedia (Opah Strawberries and jams) which had really amazing strawberry muffins and also strawberry acar....and Al Mashoor

Ijan went to Bharat Tea - apparently they have the best scones ever!

Mom went up to the market and pasar malam (jam was over by 9pm)

Anyway, the find of the trip was the strawberry 'acar' (pickle). So sedap it really reminds me of Kak Nuzi's acar buah (It has been a year since she passed on)

"The gang"

Aida and her 'au-pair' at the Tea Plantation

Atuk , Ariff and Aida

Though Azry is still too small to appreciate the trip the rest of us enjoyed the cooling break from the chaos of KL. As it is, mom is already thinking of the next trip up... this time hopefully Marina and Ode will join us.