Saturday, June 02, 2007

House Woes

I went to report for duty yesterday....

Saw 2 apartments- One was the hospital quarters: huge place with 5 rooms but I have to sort out the water and electricity supply on Monday. Thinking of staying there temporarily only as I don't like to like in my workplace plus have colleagues as neighbours... I know that's a bit anti-social but I like to seperate my work and personal life.

Second place is in Plaza Temerloh, the highest building there. The apartment is bare, don't think it was well looked after.. but OK lah for my standards (and price). BUT Kaz who followed me was not keen as one of my neighbours (who is my friend's relative and was the one who found the place) SEEMED very gatal... that was my impression too when I met him..

Ahhhh...the search goes on.... hopefully the place got streamyx coverage. I need Internet!!!