Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Birthday Wish (part One)

Well, it's the eve of my birthday and I'm sitting ere watching cartoons....

I wish:
1. I'll get a new my wallet fell into the toilet at MIDE on Sunday
2. I have enough cash to go diving every month (better every week) for the rest of my life
3. Some angel would give me a free diving trip
4. I can work in a place near an awesome dive sites
5. My friends are happy and will forever be happy
6. I can wake up every morning in the arms of someone who loves me (dream on...)
7. I'll get to meet more great friends in this life time
8. I can eat like a pig and be so slim that i don't have to buy a new wetsuit
9. I can buy a new car and still have money to dive (see wishlist no 2)
10. Take great underwater photos although I suck at topside photos
11. to be continued