Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Yesterday a 15 year old was admitted with fracture of his femur following a motorcycle accident. When I asked him whether he has a driving license the dad (who sounded irritated) told me that he was just riding in the neighborhood.... Uh duh... Stupid dad. Doesn't he know that a lot of accidents involving youngsters and motorbikes are in the housing estate.

He was lucky he only had a broken femur, things could be worse... head injury, cervical fractures, abdominal injuries all which can be fatal. And to fracture a femur a huge force is required... I wonder what was the speed at impact? At least 80km an hour... hmmm ... housing estate?

I was trying to goggle the info on motorvehicle accidents in housing estates in Malaysia but no avail... Maybe some one should pull out the data on this and show these moronic parents!!! They should shoulder the responsibility on a parents. I am all for punishing the parents (or owner of the vehicle) if a child or youngster is caught without a valid driving license.

Kids think it's child's play but one has to forgive them, they do not know and have not seen the dangers of motorcycles . It is the adults who have to guide and direct them.

I am sure in a year or two this kid is going to be admitted again for some other fracture. Then he is going to say the same thing... "It wasn't my fault", that is, if he is alive!