Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Doctor, doctor are you there??

For the past few weeks I have been busy, work or if in the private sector,busines has been quite brisk. Horrendous motor-vehicle accidents with mangled occupants have been knocking on our doors.

Anyway, today is my 2nd last day of my 8 day call stretch. Can't wait for the weekend.

But that is not the point of this posting. I have previously written on the difficulties of being the physician in a family.

And now, I would like to vent out my frustrations on almost similar issues - Friendititis. Occasionally friends would ask me for medical advice which I would gladly part with. Who would not want to help a friend.

But sometimes, some people are too smart for their own good. With the easy access of any information on the world wide web a lot of people ask questions that they have answered for themselves. The role of the 'physician' or in this case, me, is just to validate or confirm whatever they do are right.

Lets say I disagree or the advice given is not the answer one wants to hear, then it's not taken seriously or even regarded as a joke. I may be sarcastic but I never joke when I give my professional opinion. And if people ever question my integrity and want to justify my 'wrong' or unsympathetic advice being given due to so-called abnormalities in my state of mind then tough luck. They should just pray to god to cure them of any physical, internal or mental illness, they may get more sympathy there.

I have a very short fuse when it comes to people my undermining professional 'opinions'. A few things irritate me ; people who abuses their body when they know what they need to do to keep it healthy: for example, smoking, excessive drinking of alcohol, eating fatty food when they have a history of cardiac problems, gorging on uric acid laden food when they have been hospitalised for renal stones and gout etcetera etcetera...

And the worse of the lot are people who do all those things and call up or sms their physician friend and say...."Ah... I have been eating lamb chops all weekend and my current pressure is so and so... and I feel lightheaded.. do you think I am OK? Is the medicine not working?" These type of sms'es makes me cringe and I feel like screaming my lungs out.... "Bloody hell, if you don't care, should I?"

Thus I am tired. Very tired.


Asri said...

And that is why I didn't want to be a doctor...hehehe

hazyr said...

errr...macam kenal je your friend with renal stones and gout problem tu? heheh..

Bakawali said...

Asri..... you're had the insight

Hazyr...sape ye???:)

- guile - said...

blunt truth. sometimes, you just cant help it la. like me, i know i cant eat hot and spicy food, tapi i makan gak, then i complain la kat my doctor. hehehe.. doctor cakap, "it's your body and you know best what you should do." from the way he stares at me, i could hear the silent words he gave "sendiri buat, sendiri tanggung. jangan nak mengada-ngada complain sakit itu, sakit ini. dah besar dah, takkan nak kena bebel". i smiled at him and apologized. malu siut!!!

Spena said...

Macam I, dah tau umur dah meningkat, tapi nak main gak basketball.And after 3 days of games everynight, with the boys, my ankle, knees and calves all hurt like hell. But...I love that feeling.hehehe....

Bakawali said...

guilege.., :)

spena, you should keep yourself active even as you age. It keeps your heart strong

john f seademon said...

1) renal stones - yes
2) hypercholesterolemia - yes
3) history of sudden death in the family - yes
4) hypertension - yes
5) allergy to aspirin and all NSAID - yes
6) gout - no
7) thallassemia - yes
8) arrhythmia - yes
9) asthma - yes
10) pre-diabetic condition - yes
11) acute glomerulonephritis - yes

I'm neither a fan of salt nor sugar, I have only been whacking lamb for the past two days after 3 months I think. My greatest enemy is depression: my sole cause for the sudden decline in my health.

Maybe it's time for me to go to Sipadan again as I had just won a full-board dive package for two to SWV...and follow Macha to this new spot called Alor in Nusa Tenggara Timur (supposed to be better than Komodo).

I just need to be happy so I can be happy doing other things.

fuzz said...

Unfortunately, and may I stress the unfortunateness (if that is a word) in this whole issue, is that Lynn, you do flipping care! You care too much its wearing you down....