Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Scramble My Brain

I used to be addicted to crossword puzzles. It just fasinates me. No... I am not those who enters competiton after competition... I just like to do it at my own pace. I get satisfaction by completing one.

I thought I have cured myself of that addiction. I have not done one in a year or two.... Perhaps it was because I was too busy studying for my finals that I do not have the extra grey matter to spare. Well, I thought I was cured!

But lately I have a new addiction.... WORD games... it started with Text Twirl, then Scrabulous and the latest, SCRAMBLE. So it seem, it is not the puzzle but it is the lure of words. Oh my god, I must be a nerd.

Everyday, after getting back from work, I would switch on my PC and immediately get on the Net and Facebook. Then I would play for hours the Live Games on Scramble. I do not have to eat, and I usually fall asleep at my PC. This is horrible. The level of addiction is unbelievable. I used to think I am strong but after each 3 minutes of game I would hang on to catch the next one. This game really has a strong pull.... I cannot resist.

Anyway, Merman is a wee bit upset (ah yes dear... I can hear it from your voice).. and so goodbye Scramble.... I am going to miss you.

p.s. this is my 1st attempt to break the addiction