Saturday, July 04, 2009

Shoes Addict?

I have never deen the typical minimum 10 pair-a-time kind of lady. Most of the time I am a one shoe woman. My shoes generally last me 2-3 years until it is time for them to enter the garbage can. However, that doesn't mean I don't splurge on my shoes. In fact, they are the only things I don't mind paying a lot for. Furthermore, I am in the business of foot aches and back pains and it is a fact that it is the shoes that make or break your back.

But this showed up in our letter box last week. go or not to go..... I hate the crowds of warehouse sales but then, SCHOLL my number one choice for working shoes. It doesn't matter if some people say they look kind of 'Ah Poh', my feet are not complaining. And my Scholl's do last.

And so this morning at 10 am I was at the venue. I thought I was early. Damn people are already leaving with 2-3 pairs. I manage to squeeze in between a few ladies to get some flats. Hooray. Not much choices left but then I am not that picky. However, I wasn't too lucky in the sandals section. I was aiming for the Gelativ range of shoes but by the time I got to the counter sizes 5 and 6 were sold out. Shucks.

All in all, I got 6 shoes for RM360. One shoe per year - means no shoe shopping for 6 years (opps 4 years, two of the loafers are for Marina and mom). And usually they costs between 130 to 210 per pair. It is so cheap.

I heard that this is an annual event. I wonder where do I sign up so I will get a tinker when they organise this again.