Thursday, March 25, 2010

Cukai 2009

It is tax time again. LHDN has announced that 30th April 2010 is the last date to submit your tax forms. The bad thing of being a government servant is that you cannot lie about your income plus mine was cut monthly under the PCB. I have to do the tax filling carefully to ensure I am not charged more than needed. As usual I will do mine online.

This year search and research on tax at the LHDN site revealed several interesting super-saving facts:

Tax Exemption
Leave passage

Leave passage within Malaysia not exceeding three times in a year and one leave passage outside Malaysia not exceeding RM3000

Tax Relief

Purchase of books, journals and magazines 1,000 (Limited)
Purchase of personal computer 3,000 (Limited)
Purchase of sport equipment for sport activities 300 (Limited)
Subscription fees for broadband registered in the name of the individual 500 (Limited)

Ah, now I have to dig for receipts of my holidays and diving equipments.