Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Cadaveric Workshop -Chiengmai

The past few days I was in Chiengmai attending a cadaveric course on arthoplasty. This is my 2nd cadaveric course the first was the MIPO (Minimally invasive plate osteosynthesis) course in 2008 in University Malaya.

Outside the cadaveric Workshop (aka disecction hall)

This course was jointly organised by University Malaya Orthopaedic Department (Arthroplasty Unit) with University of Chiengmai. It had only 9 participants hence the hands on workshop was excellent with one on one guidance by the facilitators.

The participants and facilitators

Cadaveric disection workshop is an integral part of enhancing a surgeon's skills and Department of Orthopaedic Chiengmai University have been organising similar workshops since 4 years ago. It helps the surgeon to appreciate the anatomy with relation to the surgeries or procedures they are practising to perfect.

The bodies were donated by the people themselves for the purpose of helping doctors improve their skills. They were treated with great care and respect and it is no surprising that the cadavers were nickname 'grandmaster' by those who benefited from their use. At the end of the day, the bodies are given a royal burial with blessing from the King for contribution to the nation's future.

I assume this means 'Department of Orthopaedics'
Everything was in Thai. Thank god we had our 'tour guide'

As a sign of respect, we were asked to observe a moment of silence prior to the workshop session. It is such a great sacrifice by these people and one cannot help but feel humbled by the whole experience.

I was glad I went and kudos to the arthroplasty unit UMMC for the great leap forward.