Saturday, September 18, 2010

Kuala Lumpur's Best Rojak Buah

The stall is located at the corner of Lorong Chow Kit 1 (In the background is the old A&W restaurant)

My favorite rojak man.. he makes each pack and eah kuah individually hence the long wait... but the taste
have never changed for the past 30 years. I guess that must be his secret

For months I have been craving for my favourite 'rojak buah'. The old man selling them used to set up his stall in front of the General Hospital Kuala Lumpur at Jalan Pahang, just before the Pekeliling roundabout. I have been his customer since I was 6... well, initially I was mom's errand girl, standing in line to buy the delicious rojak.

Apparently, since about a year he has changed his route, business hours and site... hence my failure to locate him the last 2 attempts. Anyway, someone told me to look near the old Federal cinema and to my delight there he is today. His stall is located at the corner of the old A&W (now a printing shop) at Lorong Chow Kit 1. As usual, the line was long and I booked my 7 packets of rojak before I went shopping.

What is so good about his rojak? I can't explain but the kuah (gravy) is so thick and tasty plus the fruits are freshly cut just before you buy them... and on top of it, he puts fried chakoi....Hmmm....

Another reason why I like the old man is he always give priority to those who come first. As a kid, I used to wait and wait for my turn and occasionally some adult who is in a rush would come and try to get him to serve them first instead of me. He would not argue but smile and continue to make my order first.... I guess the made even kids feel important!

Anyway, because of this I am happy.... by the way who ever wants to try the BEST rojak buah in KL should see him at Lorong Chow Kit 1 ( his business hours is from 1.30pm till about 4pm).. Just be prepared to wait in line.


ardy said...

Absolutely delish!

Bakawali said...

Told you so..... Best in town!!!