Monday, February 11, 2008

Standing or sitting?

I have always been baffled by 'toilet seat' battle of the sexes.

In the western movies it is such a huge deal if a man forgets to put the seats down after using the toilet. Nah, I am not on the men's side. I just cannot comprehend the issue. An issue (according to the numerous movies I see) is so huge that it can cause a crack in even the strongest relationship.

I would be more concerned if he did not raise the seat before peeing. I mean all of us know that men suck at hitting the target. Even with an area of 1 feet in diameter (and the aiming from distance of just half a feet away) many would fail thus the splash around the toilet rim or seat (if it's not up). What would irritate me is the inability of some species to just wash the seats/rim if that happens.

And what is the big deal in putting down the toilet seat? It only takes less than a second to do so. I mean if it's up put it down and if it's down just sit. It is not often that you'll go to the toilet in such urgency that you can't take that 0.5 second to put down the seat. And even if the seat is down, in such grave situation, I doubt you'll even have the time to remove your undies. Worse scenario, you will just pee a bit in your panties, and if a wet underwear grosses you out just remove it and walk around commando style. Such a liberating experience.


Spena said...

This reminded me of our discussion. I don't mind putting the seat down actually as long as I don't have to sit on a dirty one!

najibest said...


who says men suck at hitting target? but then again it depends on the definition of "target" heh :)...

anyway, just sit for god sake' would solve all the problem in the world heh...and i really don't understand what's the problem with people who don't know how to clean the toilet seat after themselves...

Bakawali said...


najibest...they do!!!!!

ardy said...

Well, think of it this way. Imagine you are using the hose to water your plants. No hassle right, just point the hose and water them.

Now imagine firemen holding a hose to put out a fire. How many firemen are needed to control the hose? The hose is always squirming and squirting.

I hope you see the difference ;)

john f seademon said...

I remember during 'U' days, I would purposely go into the ladies and pee on the seat and all over the floor.

Maybe I should start doing that again. It was fun.