Saturday, February 09, 2008

Valen my ass

In five more days couples are going to celebrate Valentine's Day. This is one event in the year where rose growers will triple their profit perhaps surpassing the whole year sale (maybe I am exaggerating here). But anyway, it is this time of the year where boyfriends scratch their heads and dig deep into their pockets to plan the perfect Valentine. In some relationship, the outcome of this day can break or make the relationship.

Personally, I am no believer in one day just to show your affection to your loved one. I believe one should cherish his or her loved ones every single day that they have together. What does one day mean if the whole year you do not show the affection and the love you feel in your heart?

Valentine's day is just a conspiracy to make people feel guilty for not 'caring' for their 'loved' ones. It is a way to make people part with their money in order to show their 'love'. It is the same concept with parents who shower their children with expensive gifts but refuse to spend any time with them.

But then, not many people especially women think like me. Many would lament on how the significant other did not spend enough or even forgot about this so called 'special' day. And some would gasp and stare in awe when their girlfriends or colleagues receive that beautiful bouquet of red roses or expensive box of chocolates and think "Ah...why is he not like that?"

With such disatisfaction in ones heart the auspicious day would then turn into emotional blood bath. I wonder if that is how St Valentine wanted to be remembered, the one who initiate lovers to part?


john f seademon said...

Valen what???

I'm sorry. I'm not into giving flowers, expensive dinners and all that. I'm a cheapskate, much like the cheapo diver I am. I feed roti canai and I expect full blown no-holes barred sex from my partner.

Why waste time and money wooing on one particular day when that can be done on a daily basis?

all jazzed up said...

Valentines sucks big time. Saccharine-sweet cards, clone bouquets of roses... cheesy candlelite dinners... eeeeeeee... tolongggg laahhhhh...enough already! Can't they come up with a new lover-related celebration?

Spena said...

Bakawali - jom kite celebrate valen together. hehehe...

najibest said...

uish..Spena's asking Bakawali to celebrate Valentine together..any relation to a previous post? heh :)

Bakawali said...


Spena...come to temerloh laaa...

Jazzy.... any so called lovers day would be spoilt by those businessmen trying to make big bucks ere n there


D.N.A.S said...

u Temerloh kat mana? Hospital Temerloh ke? My mom's place is in Bandar Baru Bera, on the way to Triang.
Anyway, I am thankful for the Lovers' Day because I know my baker friends will make extra money this week. :)

Bakawali said...

I am in the town itself. Btw kalau lalu sini give me a buzz. Can have lunch (I welcome any's so dead here)