Sunday, March 16, 2008

My love affair

I am so excited. Haven't dive for more than 2 months. In a few days time I will be in Tioman. Balik kampung! Yeah, Tioman is where it started. My love affair with the underwater world. It was in February 2004 (the first week when the island opened after the monsoon) Marina and I reached the shored of Salang. We were the 1st customer there and the first open water students for that season. And the only diving school opened was B&J and the only instructor that was there was Ben.

Our first venture underwater was during the confined water One (actually, it was in the sea at Salang Bay) and both of us couldn't concentrate on our lessons. We were too awed looking at the fishes that are swimming around us. Marina had a problem as she couldn't pee underwater but that skill came to me so naturally... and I love the feeling of warmth spreading under the wetsuit, one of the first pleasures of diving I learned.

Anyway, I must say, Fan Canyon was at that time wonderful with visibility of more than 20 metres. Huge colourful Gargonian sea fans everywhere. But since we were there as open water students and a few days later as fun divers we were not able to enjoy the scenery that much. Marina and I were too busy consciously breathing and controlling our buoyancy to notice everything else.

I have been back 5 times after that. Every time, we try to go for a dive in Fan Canyon. It is still beautiful but never have I been able to get that similar visibility and conditions. It is just luck, I am blessed to have seen it once under the perfect condition.

I am going back in four days, and I hope that everything will be perfect this time around. It is my heaven underwater.


ardy said...

Let's hope for good visibility and a fun trip! I can hardly wait!

Spena said...

I'll join you guys next time....

najibest said...

have fun you guys..i'll have my own fun also somewhere east heh :)

floweryskies said...

August 2008 insyaallah baru saya bole pegi dive :D
hehe thats why la must wear rash guard only easy to pee :D

Bakawali said...

RD,,....yeahhhhh lets hope for good viz


NB.... have fun in Sipadan

Floweryskies, Betulllll sebab tuh saya tak pakai wetsuit

Amin said...

Have fun Bakawali!! BTW I will be visiting my father in Hospital Temerloh tomorrow.

najibest said...

Bakawali, I wanna see some report from your recent trip...and btw, you guys talking about peeing in wetsuit nowadays? heh :)