Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Heroes Marathon

I was a certified TV addict. I would watch whatever is showing on the small screen even though it was a re-run and I have seen it so many times. The telly was my best friend and was more important then anything else. My life was scheduled around the TV guide. Even my boyfriend had a hard time getting my full attention when I am around Mr Telly.

And sometimes, I would get a phone call during those 'critical' moments.... such as when Luke just found out his girlfriend is cheating on him.... my eyes are glued intently on his every movement and suddenly....kringgggg.....'ah drats..damn it...who can it be?'

"Hello" .... "Oh sayang...." on the other end my darling was telling me about his dreadful day....and I on the other hand was phasing him out trying to concentrate on the on-screen drama. I am no multi-tasker. I am really envious of people who can do dozen of things at the same time and still remember every moment of it. I have a slow processor, my CPU is still 386K and my RAM...lets not mention about it.I get pissed when my PC goes slow and eventually kaput when i use so many applications at a time , but now I realise, it is just imitating its owner that goes into shutdown when too much info is presented to her.

Back to the boyfriend, usually before I got into shutdown or a meltdown (more likely as I would then miss a critical part of the drama and that is so not acceptable) my defense mechanism would kick in. Yes, THE WHITE LIE!

"Sayang, sorry....but I have to put down the phone. Emergency! Toilet! I need to goooooo". And I slam down the phone, position myself back in front of the TV and stare blissfully at the screen.

This was years ago and as expected the relationship did not work out. Me and telly have since then also gone our separate ways. Actually I had myself admitted into rehabilitation and also joined the TA (telly anonymous) a support group for television addicts. I have been sober for a few years now but occasionally I do get relapses. I am predicting a relapse this Sunday as there is going to be Heroes Season 2 Marathon. OMG A MARATHON?!! 10 episodes back to back, oh such temptation, I don't think I can resist.


hazyr said...

Hahaha... yup, the toilet excuse works everytime for me too! ;)

But since your *ehem* is also a hardcore TV addict, you dont have to lie anymore.. such a plus point isn't it? hehe..

najibest said...

well instead of giving excuses, i think instead he'll be the one silent during those intense suspense moments heh :)

anyway, got all episodes for heroes season 2 already ah?

Bakawali said...

hazyr...actually padan muka I. Now he tells me when I can call him or not. Especially not when Bella is on air. I guess what goes around comes around.

Najibest.... yup, I have downloaded all. But they are showing all the episodes this weekend on Starworld

fazah said...

Hey, wait a minute.....are you sure you fully graduated from the TA rehab programme? Last night when we spoke, you suddenly remembered something was on the cooker...and it was

Bakawali said...

fazah...shessshhh...quiet woman... my TA buddy might hear

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