Friday, June 06, 2008

The Crystal Ball

For the past one month I have heard numerous rumours about my future in KKM. I have been told that I am going to be transferred to Klang Valley. Hmmmm, and this was even before I submitted my transfer letter. For the past 2 weeks, the rumours have gotten stronger, so far, my name have been mentioned to fill up posts in Hospital Kuala Lumpur, Hospital Ampang and lately, Hospital Klang. And I have been told that I will be there by 1st July. That is less than a month away.

These 'stories' were relayed to me by people who are working in those hospital, and unless there are three Lynn Azura's I'd reckon at least two are false.

Anyway, I hope I do not get HKL. I have worked there for nearly 5 years before this and I certainly know that it is not a good place to be for a junior specialist (I still consider myself junior as I am still learning the ropes). The place is horrendoes as since there are many specialists. People like me will end up not doing anything except paperwork or clearing up the 'uninteresting' cases. And I know definitely I will get bullied. I am not at all keen for HKL.

As for Ampang, it will be good as there should be a total of 3 of us. That's a good number for a small hospital and when you have only a few people you tend to cover each other better. So far, in Temerloh, my working relationship with boss and Su have been great. The cons are; I have no house-officer to 'bully', my medical officers are very junior (thus mean more work) and the traffic is horrendous.

Klang, is another madhouse but I would love to work there. Semi-emergency OT daily means I can really hone my surgical skills, and plus I have my 2 closest friends there.

But we will wait and see. Until I get the official letter lets put it all as hearsay.


ardy said...

What? No news from Seattle Grace yet?

Bakawali said...

Hahahahah.... I wish!!!! Then I at least cuddle up to Mc Dreamy :)

najibest said...

i smell somebody would be getting less and less basketball time

Bakawali said...

Hey NB... I am learning basketball,ok????

Asri said...

mai KT la..tak pun KB...