Friday, June 06, 2008

The seventh month of the year

July is going to be a busy month.

With my future uncertain, I may have to move to KL in July... when exactly I don't know, I hope end of the month.

I have a big thing lined up in July. Finally, after 3 years I am doing my Intenational Diving Medical Officer (IDMO) Course. Ever since I started diving I have been concerned and interested with diving medicine. People keep calling me for advice, plus with the amount of diving I do I need the in-depth knowledge of the field. After this, I will be qualified to certify a person fitness to dive, plus also handling of decompression chambers. Hahahaha.... double speciality - Ortho and diving (though this is only as a medical officer)

But that means 2 weeks in Semporna and which also means 2 weeks away from my Merman. And away from him during my birthday....*sad*

However, the plus thing is I may be able to squeeze in a few dives to Sipadan, Sibuan and Mantabuan ...yaaaayyyyy.... That means I have to get my strobe by the end of the month (therefore, I hope I get my backdated pay soon!!!!)

But then, the main thing is to complete the course!! *focus lynn....focus*


najibest said...

excuse me...but the main thing is always DIVING!!! heh :)