Monday, September 15, 2008

Ampang Wannabe : the shit continues

The writers and directors of Ampang Medikal just do not know their limits. They aim high but do not have the knowledge or even expertise to execute their objectives.

Episode 4 clearly exposes their weakness with blatant disregard for finesse.

The whole episode centered on a 10 year old child with leukaemia who supposedly was dying. And as her last wish she wanted to donate her organs to help others. Noble issues to highlight but execution was….. as my hubby said ‘reeks of rotten mango with a tinge of belacan’.

My first bone to pick was the choice of actress to portray the sick dying child. She did not doesn't even look as if she had underwent chemotherapy at all; and her hair was long and shiny; her cheeks pink and rosy and her skim smooth and radiant.She looked more like a normal HEALTHY bubbly girl. Hey producers, there is such things as special effects and make-up artiste.

Second, don’t the producers know that one of the excluding criteria of organ donation is active cancer?

Third, well this issue is an ongoing issue with this series. The show do not know the local medical environment and uses American terms in their dialogue. For example, Dr Wong was overheard saying “ saya perlu mengambil darah untuk ujian CBC’. CBC stands for complete blood count but in Malaysia we use the term FBC or Full Blood Count. It may be a small thing but it is clearly a lack of research on the writers part (As we know, they just plagiarize the whole thing from Grey’s Anatomy, thus the American term. I am sure they are too stingy to pay the local medical experts such as myself to run through the scripts and scenes)

Fourth, after the girl died, the camera was focusing on the child and her parents. Have some sense not to show the chest moving up and down with each silent breath she took. Oh us ever so stupid viewers might think that "It's a miracle, she's alive".

Lastly, again a recurrent issue. The set-up; I wonder, why in a critically ill patient, there was no vital signs monitoring, no sphygmomanometer, no cardiac monitoring, nothing. And the chest leads to monitor the heart activity again ended beneath the sheets. It must be a very state of the art hospital bed as all the wires appeared to be connected to the bed ;)

And that’s Episode Four for you. Crappy and unrealistic!


ardy said...

Time to quit watching TV on Thursday nights and join me in bed early :P

Anonymous said...

very...very few left me speechless and AMPANG MEDIKAL is one of them...(in a bad way)
as a medical professional felt like banging my head into a brick wall everytime when amoang medikal is on air...felt sorry for them, it's sooo sad...

Bakawali said...

Well Ardy, at least it is only once a week and not every weekday. Plus I need my weekly dose of laughther.

Dear anoynomous, don't take the show seriously, it is actually a comedy under a guise of medical drama. Perhaps you should contact the producers and get a job as their medical advisor ;) Btw, do I know u?