Monday, September 01, 2008

Ampang Wannabe

Malaysian are always good at stealing. They are good in making pirate CDs, DVDs, fake Loius Vuitton hand bags, Levis Jeans just to name a few. The quality is as good at the original. But then, their abilities do not extend to the silver screen. The latest rip-off performed by the Malaysian 'film director' or 'drama-producer' (note the inverted commas- it is intentional) is Ampang Medikal.

So-called the Malaysian medical drama of the year is Ampang Medikal. The hype was huge but when I saw the teasers I laughed. And last week I had the unfortunate opportunity to view the 2nd episode. I know I am not the first Malaysian doctor to comment on the series as it is so appalling.

The screen-writers, the director and producer never did any background work on the medical profession in Malaysia. They totally copied Grey's Anatomy from the concept, the story lines, the characters.... total plagiarism! Just look at the photo-shoot of the cast. Doesn't that look exactly like Grey's Anatomy? Who the hell run around in blue scrubs in Malaysia? Blue scrubs are meant for use only in ICU and the operating theatre. Any doctor (in Malaysia) knows that if you frolic around in the wards in your scrubs you definitely will get a shelling from the Sister or Matron.

And the background set-up of the story, these newly passed out doctors whom in Malaysia we call House officers (never ever called residents, duh producers get your terminology right) are placed placed in a private hospital to do their 'internship'. The interns are placed directly under the specialist and run around like dungus not knowing what to do. Questions, question,questions?

  1. Where are the medical officers?
  2. Since when in Malaysia can house-officers do their internship in private hospital? And since when interns can choose what rotation they want to do (Dr Siti moved to KL to do her internship under Dr Maznah a renown cardiologist...) Fact: here house-officers have to do compulsory five four-month rotations of Medical, Surgery, O&G, Paediatric and Orthopedics before they can get their full registration as a doctor!
  3. Since when does a specialist present during ward rounds to the interns, what does the intern do??? No one writes anything during rounds...uh...then how does anyone know what was ordered and what is the management of the patient. No wonder Dr Siti is so stupid, she doesn't even know her patient has stage 4 lung cancer and what that means.
  4. How come interns are not allowed to access patients' medical records? The way I see it, in this show they looked more like medical students, having to resort to seducing the nurse to view the medical records.
Anyway, listening to the medical jargon and how these doctors came to a diagnosis was hilarious. In once scene, Dr Idris were presenting the case of Mr Wong to his interns...."Mr Wong mengalami kesukaran bernafas, batuk berlanjutan......blah, blah, blah.... jangkitan jaundice dimata..blah, blah, blah". Jangkitan jaundice di mata? Holly crap apa menda tuh?

FYI dear producers. Jaundice is a symptom that presents with yellow staining of the skin and sclerae (the whites of the eyes) by abnormally high blood levels of the bile pigment. It is not an infection of the eyes. So 'memalukan'!

Another scene, a patient post coronary by-pass presented with shortness of breath. The cardiac monitoring showed only tachycardia (means elevated heart rate of more than 100 beats per minute) but Dr Siti deduced that patient had myocardial ischemia, and out of the sudden she also deduced that he had cardiac tamponade. Ah go figure, from a bimbo suddenly she's a genius, NOT!

Conclusion: Ampang Medikal is a rip-off hoping to ride on the popularity of Grey's Anatomy. It is an insult to the medical profession in Malaysia and it is an insult to the intelligence of the Malaysian public.


hazyr said...

jaundice di mata?

heheh..can't believe they're that stupid for not doing their homework at all! I bet they just took some scripts from Grey's Anatomy and translated them directly to BM!

p/s Since I am an Ampang resident, do you think I can get a cameo role in that show? As a drug pusher maybe? ;)

Bakawali said...

Hahahaha.... I don't think you qualify. Have you seen the women in the show??? All of them are model like- skinny with flawless skin.

Unless they create a Bailey character then you might stand a chance..;)

"the Dude" said...
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najibest said...

bakawali, at 1st i thought u'll be starring the show heh...

Anonymous said...

hey bakawali...

funny enuff that myself n friends were talking about 'ampang medikal' at work a medical professional,my jaw dropped when i watched it HELLLO??this is an INSULT TO OUR INTELLIGENCE!!...since when do we(docs) allowed to wear scrubs all over hospital..last time i check scrubs r allowed in OT/ICU only( well myb the anesthesiologist..)
what's the deal wit the medical jargons??...public dont even understand it anyway.i dont think i used that much jargon during!!
one scene where a neurosurgeon operating on a abdominal WHAT THE...???
they claimed that they've done research before hand...obviously NOT!!

jellyfungus said...

O. M. G.......

When was this aired? Why didn't I catch this while I was home for summer? Rugi.. Mesti gelak pecah perut. HAHAHA!

Bakawali said...

NB: ceh, me an actress????

Anoynomous,it is either a joke or a damn good comedy..:)

Jellyfungus, you can watch the show online at NTV7.