Sunday, September 12, 2010

Chiengmai - The Leisure aspect

Although I was in Chiengmai during puasa I managed to squeeze a few recreational activities during our free time.

In a gist, Day One - we went to see some elephants (though if I was alone I might not want to spend 1200 Baht for the entrance fee). All of us felt cheesy but then the organiser did made an effort to keep us entertained. Later that evening, buka puasa was at the Night Market and after that the boys went berserk shopping.... who says boys don't know how to shop!

Day two, first day of course. At night was the Course Dinner at a seafood joint. Initially planned to go shopping again but I overate (Gluttony!!!) and thus went back to the hotel and slept. (sheesh)

Day three, workshop ended early. Initial plan was to go out at about 5pm and walk around. Came down to the lobby and none were around. The others apparently felt tired and wanted to laze by the pool and jacuzzi... Oh ya, did I mentioned we stayed at this very, very nice hotel - Kantari Hills Hotel and service apartments which has great facilities. I would not mind coming again here

And so, the hyper me went off walking from our hotel to the northern part of the ring road and later reach the Night Market just by the time nearing breaking fast. Actually I cheated a bit; after about 3/4 of the distance I was a wee bit tired and I hailed the red cab (that charges flat rate of 20 Baht). Anyway, found a muslim hawker and bought some food there.

Temple seen at the northern ring road - note the silver and gold tree at each side; reminds me of the times the Malacca government used to send 'duit emas' as protection money to the Siam empire

Later i went for a massage for 30mins of relaxing back and shoulder massage I paid 80Baht(CHEAP!!!!) ; by the way if only costs 120 Baht or 200 Baht for an hour or two respectively.

This paper shop in the Night Market have loads of handmade textured papers that is not so expensive. My favorite find of the day!

And then, I went on a shopping spree. Bought unique hand made stuff like hair clips, key holders, handphone charms. I must say, the market in Chiengmai have more unique stuff; loads of ideas that I enjoyed seeing. I must plan my next trip there soon... and this time it is only for a holiday!


Apurva said...

Wonderful photographs... Wonderful post. It reminded me of my trip to Thailand. Beautiful.

Bakawali said...

Apurva... thank you...
The place was indeed lovely