Tuesday, April 08, 2008

A Redang Quickie

Three dives only in a weekend was not my ideal idea for a weekend getaway. But then that was what I did this week. Drove from KL on Friday night (I had a 3 day long course) and reached Kuala Trengganu at 7 am. Breakfast and then, I hopped on the Sejahtera 1 ferry towards Redang. I must say, ever since the public ferry was started going to Redang have never been easier.

The ride wasn't smooth. The cabin was stuffy and had this wierd smell that made me felt sick. I did not have my Tiger Balm with me...damn!!! That is my miracle drug. Anyway, I decided to sit up at the open deck for some fresh air, hoping that would make me feel better. It did for a while, until the sky turned dark and rain pelted down to earth. Everyone else rushed downwards into the cabin, I decided to stay put, sitting on the centre of the deck crossed legged, dozing off to sleep.

The sky cleared as we reached Redang.

My water taxi was already waiting and whisked me towards Mozana... the hideout for the famous Redang SeaGipsies. As the boat reaches the dive centre, I could see 2 white men busily assembling their diving gears. That must be Mike and Paul.

Mike Durack, my email friend for the past 8 months. He is the reason for the trip. To finally put a face to a name! Mike knew Fazah, who in turn told him of my obsession with diving. And thus the friendship started. Mike wanted to visit Malaysia and do some sightseeing while he's here but both Faz and I managed to persuade him to try diving. So back to the past few days, the Irish lads were busy taking the Open Water Diver course in Redang. And they were joined by 4 doctors who heard about it and got equally excited in jumping in and dive. So in the end, I had 6 people interested in the OWD course.

Meanwhile, I was still tweaking with my new camera. It has been wonderful topside but underwater my photos have been disappointing. I know what I needed i.e. a strobe but I am cash strapped now to buy one... 2nd dive I managed to borrow Macha's DS 125.. and immediately I can see the difference...

Ah I must get one!

Back to diving, conditions were not consistent. During the first dive water was greenish with 5 m visibility, we did see a turtle though, and some jenkin's ray (they were huge) and loads of big fish. That was at Che Isa.
2nd dive we went to Sting ray city or more aptlu should be called abandoned Sting Ray City. No rays in sight but I was just enjoying the corals and my new (opps...borrowed) toy. Visibility slightly improved.

The 3rd dive was on Sunday morning. And on this dive, Macha and his students joined us to Terumbu Kili. Visibility was good, no currents and the group enjoyed themseves tremendously. I was swimming here and there taking shots of everything...ah wonderful!!!!

We left Redang onboard the 1pm ferry leaving Mike and Paul. They have fell in love with the place and wanted to extend their stay. It was a short but nice trip. And I MUST HAVE THE STROBE!!!!!


najibest said...

oo pegi redang ye heh...anyway why only 3 dives? cannot squeeze more ek? anyway, yup i also hope that i can get a strobe. can't stand my pictures all looking green while other people are taking good pics

Bakawali said...


yup u need a strobe!

3 dives just to chill....relaxing ajerrr

"the Dude" said...

Hi, nice pics. Wish I can go there someday. I snorkeled at pulau kapas, so gorgeous. (I'm just 'making the rounds' from Hazyr n bloghopping marine sites) I'm in northern California, the water is soo c-c-c-cold and the GW sharks are too big.. :p waiting til i get back to warm waters.

floweryskies said...

aaaaaahhhh diving.......
syok nye! :D

najibest said...

flowerskies, bile can go diving again?

Bakawali said...

the dude... thanks for dropping by. why don't you look me up when you decide to return to these warm shores so that we can all go diving.

Floweryskies.... few more months dear! Btw, is the baby finning hard in the womb?? I am sure he/she is a natural diver, since mom keep thinking of the sea throughout the pregnancy...:)

Anonymous said...

thanks for organising the diving for us, Lynn. we really enjoyed it! i'm sure we will be back.

from the 2 white guys!