Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Almost Perfect

I close my eyes and lay there imagining.

There was nothing else was there. Nothing else in my mind. Only me and my thoughts.

My senses were taking in all that they could. My ears can hear clearly the sounds of waves hitting the shore, the monsoon making it full of energy,full of fury.

And then, there was the gentle sensation of the wind blowing into my face and hair. It was such a wonderful feeling. Felt like someone was caressing my face, gently touching it....

And occasionally when the sun makes a peek-a-boo through the trees shining as bright as it can, my skin felt a tinge of pain, just slight... It was as if the sun was urging me to get up and enjoy the heat.

I lay there for nearly an hour or two , dozing off now and then. I dreamt I was in paradise... and perhaps for that moment I was... Oh how I wish I can lay there at the beach forever..

It was such a perfect afternoon... well, it was almost perfect.


john f seademon said...

Now you make me want to move away from Malaysia as per my 1998 plan.

Maybe I should seriously give that a thought. I have enough pain in me to last me a lifetime, and to get away from things that would rouse memories would be good.

Move to an island somewhere outside Malaysia and work there.

ardy said...

Heavenly! I wish I was in your paradise, then it would have been a perfect afternoon :)

Spena said...

Bakawali, I know what's the feeling like. I have always love lying at the beach, enjoying the sound of the waves and the birds. It is so peaceful.

fuzz said...

Ahhh....the perfect world of imagery...and you know how perfect my imagination can get!

floweryskies said...

Thats really nice..
Really missed that :)

Bakawali said...

SD..pergi la..then i can come and visit you there

Spena... lets go to some island somewhere

Fuzz... hey don't be naughty..I know what is in your imagination *wink*

Floweryskies...middle of the year babe..all of us together again

john f seademon said...

Why wait that long? I'm off to KK and Sipadan again early 2008

Bakawali said...

Ardy, it would have been perfect if you were there

Amin said...

Hi there, found your blog by accident .. I must say I am impressed by your character by reading your blog entries..