Sunday, December 30, 2007

What lies ahead

2008 will be reveal itself in 3 hours. As usual, I never make any plans for New Year's Eve, and this year I will be holding the fort in Temerloh. I can never recall any year that I joined the celebrations. I am not really into partying and I hate crowds, well, people may say I am an anti social person, most probably they are right.

2007 have been a good year for me and my family. There were incidents that we all wanted to forget but generally it has been good.

The first five months was uneventful except me slogging for exams, luckily I scraped through.

My sister got married in July, a first in the family. I guess some people may say...."ah finally"... Anyway, Shafuan is a nice guy and is now known as my mom and dad's 'MY SON'.

Work wise, I got posted to Temerloh. It is a new experience working far away from the civilization I know (there is no cinemas or bowling alley you know)...However, it is a good training ground with the massive traumas that occur along the east coast highway.

Diving has been good this year although the season started only in May for me. I did a Redang-Perhentian week-long marathon and I met new buddies along the way. I finally did and completed my Rescue Course and FINALLY got to see the common seahorse. We capped the end of the season by playing Uno underwater in Pulau Sembilan.

And in case anyone is interested to know, yes I am seeing someone special.


Spena said...

Hmm...may I know who is that someone special? ;-)

john f seademon said...

Hahaha...can read in her tag in the posting above this one

najibest said...

i'm batuk'ing' uhuk-uhuk..heh :)

Bakawali said...

Spena, I think you already know.

SD, no comments.

Najibest, do you need to see a doctor for that cough? It sounded nasty.

najibest said...


It's OK, I have a "personal pharmacist" at my side :)