Friday, December 14, 2007

First Hand Experience - Flood Update

A lot of people did not know what to do. No one can leave the district, well, almost no one. So idiotic and bored people like me went out to survey (or as the news put it 'pantau') the situation

Sue and I was brave (or stupid) enough to get 1st hand experience of the flood. My heart stopped when I realised the car was wading through nearly a foot high flood water. And I nearly died of a heart attack when the Four Wheel infront stopped midway. We were lucky we nothing happened. I guess i need to get myself a Four wheel next time.

Floating Town of Mentakab

Note that the water level is up to half of the 1st storey. Pasaraya YT really was literallly going under

Sampan at center of Mentakab Town... an alternative mode of transport. I wonder where do these people keep their 'sampans' when it's not flooding.

NOTE: ALL PHOTOS WERE TAKEN ON 14th December 2007 between 2030H to 2230H


John F SeaDemon said...

Bring out your dive gear. Wanna borrow my tanks?

Anonymous said...

sad rite? but i saw air banjir surut 1 kaki...hari ini =)

Anonymous said... this is the current condition and flood before that...feel free to keep yourself updated with abt tloh...can you post up tloh..then email me? regards, Cass..

Bakawali said... gears are all in KL :(

went to mentakab today...yeah went down 1 feet...but dunno how o sunsideit will take for the residual water

najibest said...

have u been seeing any buaya? heh :)

john f seademon said...

Najibest..most of the buayas in Temerloh work at the hospital