Sunday, April 20, 2008

Jinxed (Part One)


That is what this past few days have been. And I am sure the reason is clear. I broke the unwritten rule of no changing calls once the roster is printed.

I was supposed to be on-call last weekend but I swapped with Su as I wanted to attend to something in KL. I should have guessed by then. I had an unlucky weekend. I never believe in bad luck or jinx but that must have been a sign.

On the way back last week, as I passed through the Bentong stretch of the highway my car hit a huge steel block which immediately dented both rims over the right side and punctured my tyres. Two cars in front of me hit it at the side of the car (my guess, since they were able to continue with their journey after a brief stop) but I went smack unto it, the failing light didn't help as by the time I saw the shadow of the object I was too near.

Anyway, with two punctured tyres I was cursing. And also pissed. It was nearly 7.30 pm what luck would I have to get a workshop to change my tyres? Immediately the highway patrol came over (actually, they were there when the car hit the metal steel and according to them they noticed the metal bar but had not been able to extract it till I hit it.... hmmm, I do not know whether to believe them; my other hunch was that they were the ones who planted the object there... but then since I have no evidence I have to go with option ONE)... Anyway, the guys were kind enough to change my rear tyre and I requested them to tow my car to Genting Sempah (I was thinking of getting my mechanic to bring a spare there and change it for me). The guys were initially agreeable but later told me they found for me a tyre to borrow/rent.

And soon after, came a car full of guys with a spare 14 inch tyre. I was initially elated. But when I asked the head honcho what is the plan, he wanted me to drive to his workshop for him to 'repair' my rims and according to him my tyres may still be in good condition and after that I can continue with my journey... uh duh??? Looking at the impact and the effects on my rim I didn't think so... I managed to persuade him to lend me the tyre. Anyway, the guys looked sleazy and I am not that stupid to go with them. After exchanging numbers (Hmmm... they trusted me to come back with their tyre?) I headed back to KL....

The bad news didn't end there... (I had to spend RM 1K plus to change my rims...)

To be continued....


najibest said...

aiyo....such bad luck...