Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Merman or Neptune?

I don't know if anyone noticed or even if anyone still reads my blog but I have put a countdown just below the title (yup, it's official, my big day is in less than three weeks' time). The mermaid has finally mesmerized a merman.

With so much going on (plus work is absolutely crazy) I had no time to update this blog of mine. Actually I have so many things to blog a.k.a. complain about ever since merman and I decided to tie the knot. So much crap in getting hitched, no wonder some people just have sex!

And thus, there will be no lovey dovey story here. This blog is a reflection of my true nature, my outlet and hence the endless complaints. And where to start????

Anyway, after Meet The Parents and after the Parents' Showdown ( was a very cordial meeting) we had to decide on the Wedding itself. Both of us being very simple people decided to do away with all that was unnecessary and stick with what is required. Thank god both sets of parents were also very practical people and we had no resistance there. We laid out our game plan and everybody agreed.

So what's out?
No engagement
No kompang
No sanding
No 2nd reception (yup, both receptions will be at the same place and time)

And IN will be ....
The nikah or the wedding rites (how I wish we can do away with that)
The Reception (immediately after)
The Exchange of Gifts i.e. Hantaran in malay (my side will prepare 7 gifts and merman's five)

Next on the list was to decide on the colour. I love blue, that is my favorite colour but I realise that bright colours looks gorgeous during the day....and thus going with light yellow..or perhaps peach...or light orange or light green....gosh!!! Anyway, I sticked with yellow but in my mind, I don't mind if it turn up to be a myriad of colours... more cheery (it is a joyous occasion).

Mom and sis are arranging the bridal suite (as if I care how it turns out,but I am sure it will be wonderful), the catering and the venue preparation (which is in my parents' place). I meanwhile did the bunga telur (actually my colleague Su did it, I just helped), the bakul telur (did not want the ceramic stuff my sis got for her wedding) and my side's hantaran (still working on the concept till today :( ).

Paperwork, getting married is such a tedious process (that itself deserves a post on its own).

As of today, all is under control (or I hope so..heheheh). And so what if it is not. The only way that it's going to be a bad day is if the merman decides to chicken out (yes dear?).... If the end result is what is expected then it's going to be a wonder wonder wonderful...or wonderfools day!


Spena said...

So, I guess, you managed to get the merman's ass? (do merman have ass?)...hehehe...I am sooooo happy for both of you.

Tak sia2 ada orang kenalkan you pada dia yek?

hazyr said...

The wedding card was a huge hit with my mum and sisters!


john f seademon said...

At least, out of the 3 berbuka puasa couples on 8th october 2007 at Uptown, one couple is getting to its destination.

Have a happy marriage, and stay crazy....especially for each other's arse.

najibest said...

yes getting married is so tedious, i almost gave up and wanted to use the money to go diving instead heh :)

anyway congrats both of you. btw no underwater wedding reception?

Lily said...

huh!!! was so surprised when i heard the news.. congrats.. so happy for you... reading your blog.. you had gave me an idea to write mine..