Thursday, April 10, 2008

Chaotic Day

Today, there was a moment of chaos in the ward. Chaos has always been an integral part of Malaysian public hospitals and this is no exclusive event. But for those living in laidback Temerloh it is something!

A patient warded was caught trying to inject himself with some 'psychotropic' drug. It wasn't a drug acquired in the hospital but the bloke apparently had someone purchased the drug from a local clinic. Must give him the hats off for being resourceful. He's literally chained to the bed due to some fracture he has and my guess is, he's due for his regular shot.

This scenario is very common in most general hospital in Malaysia especially those in the big cities. I remembered in Penang during my housemanship there was a lady who would do her regular rounds to buy for bed bound patients food, cigarettes and drugs. Supplying a service where it is needed - certainly a welcomed Malaysia Boleh attitude!

Anyway, the drug scene is really still a huge problem in our society. It doesn't just affect individuals, it effects families, the community and the country. I wonder are we doing enough to eradicate this menace? And I wonder what progress will we make in this area in 20 years time?