Friday, April 11, 2008

e-filing - mudah, tepat dan selamat

Again for 7th consecutive years I do not have to pay any income tax. Yippie!!!

I must say the e-filing system of the Inland Revenue Board or LHDN resolves any headaches I used to get when doing my annual tax return. I have for the past 6 years been doin it for my family members and doing it last year was a breeze. So this year I embarked on the same mission.

I hit a minor glitch last week. Tried to log in. I was such in a haste that I failed to read the words "Login kali Pertama" and "Login e-Borang". Should have chose option number two since I have done it last year. Instead I chose option one and got flabbergasted when they ask for my digital certificate number. Ah, so I thought that I had to go to the LHDN office to do so. Which I did today! After getting my 16 digit digital login ID, I being a natural complainer went and complained (unofficially) about the hassle doing it year in year out. The LHDN fella then gave me a lecture on the need to remember my own password for future tax return. Then I realised, "aiyoh, I never got to that page of password la"

Anyway, back within the comforts of my home, I logged in at 1247am today. Tried the new digital certificate number they gave me. Hmmm, oh shit, the system said the number given does not match my income tax file number. Then I decided, why don't I try the "login e-Borang" option. Filled in my IC number and my possible password. You see, I have only 3 possible passwords, and I succeeded on the 2nd attempt.

I did not have any receipts with me so I thought let's just try it out just to see what I have to pay without putting any other deductions. I only remembered the amount I paid my insurance (maximal allowable cuts for KWSP and personal insurance is RM6000 total) and thus mine was max; and I paid zakat about RM600 per year.

What I love about the programme (e-filing) is that I can do away with the calculator. Just fill in the blanks and the programme does the rest. And this year, without even putting any amount for medical expenses(Max allowable cut= RM5000), books (RM1000), Education fees (RM5000) it tells me that I do not have to pay a single cent.

It was so simple, it took me less than 5 minutes.Kudos to the LHDN, e-filing is truly the way to go.


najibest said...

aiya....i need to pay tax this year :( and i have yet to receive my tax return from last year :(

coops said...

my first time here *wink* hello!
but seriously, i still have hard time with the e-filing la babe :( uhuk.

Trevor Keegan said...


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Trevor Keegan