Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Much ado about weddings

What is it with women and weddings???

When it comes to weddings I think I am abnormal, atypical, weird woman...but then I am actually a mermaid so what else can be said ... . When acquaintances tell me they are tying the knot, I would just go "ah, congratulations" and then walk away happy that someone has met his or her 'true' love and is on the way of being blissfully happy ever after!

But then I would not goo goo gaa gaa and start asking 101 questions. This is my list of irritable questions I get when I tell friends when I am getting hitched.

Who is the lucky guy?
Hello.... if you guys know the groom I would have said X-man and I are getting married. Even if I mention who also no one would know...duh!!!

What does he work as; where is he from..blah...blah..blah??
Hmmm.... if I say he's a farmer from Ulu Tembeling (and you sort of think that he's not right for me are you going to ask me to consider ditching him????)

So what is your theme colour? Oooh.... how would your pelamin look like??? Have you made your baju???
Crap.... if you ask me these questions then I was wrong. You obviously are not my friend and thus do not know that I HATE WEDDINGS!!!!!! (and thus should not be invited to the event)

Eh...did you invite so-and-so?? Why not la... He used to be your boss.

Another crap... It is my business who I invite...I do not need to justify to anybody!

You must be stressed and worried about your big day

Do I look stressed and worried?? Man, you really do not know me. To me what is important is the end results... And whatever happens, I am sure that I will be married to that certain why worry??

You must be excited.
Uh duh...must be an understatement. Do you want me to go on and on like Cheryl Samad hosting a talk show??? I should have said " Yeah, I am excited to the possibility of endless supply of free sex!"

Well, I am sure there are more to add on to the list as THE DAY comes nearer... For now, "STOP BUGGING ME!!!!"


hazyr said...

HAHAHA... this post is so funny!

Maybe can add:

"What's your plan for honeymoon? Local je? Kenapa tak pegi oversea??"

Spena said...

Lepas tu...'bila lak nk dapat baby yek?' I tell you, perit kena tahan telinga...

Bakawali said...

Yes spena, it is a never ending story...

When you are unmarried, people will ask "When are you getting married?"

When you get married they'll ask "when are you getting a baby?"

When you have your 1st one they'll ask " When is the 2nd one coming?" etc etc or "Takkan satu jer???"

When your kids are grown up "Bila nak bermenantu??"

and when the kids are married "when are you getting grand children....??"

Arrrghhhhh.....Thank god i don't care

ming.... said...

congrats doc... semoga berbahagia ke anak cucu.... nope, am not asking when nak bercucu... haha...