Sunday, April 20, 2008

Jinxed (Part Two)

Back to this week.

My calls usually are quiet. Quiet that I can sleep peacefully at night.

But on Friday The situation started to get out of hand by the evening. My phone was quiet (which is normal) but I had a really bad feeling. My two medical officers disappeared from my afternoon CME teaching, which is not usual. By the time I wanted to go back, I decided to take a peek at the Casulaty. OMG it was crazy, 3 victims in 3 different accidents, all in bad condition. One was attended by my team, another by the anaesthetist and the last one by the surgical and ENT teams. I joined in to stabilise Patient No One. Patient No Two was taken to ICU for stabilisation and was subsequently followed by Patient No Three. Anyway, all were stabilised but it was nearly 9pm. I was so tired, I went back and fell asleep almost immediately.

However I couldn't sleep well thinking that I will be called in for Patient No One once the anaesthetist deem him stable. Hmm... little that I know he would only stable after one day... Surgery only started after 7 pm last night... and finished at 11.... Dead tired!!!!!!

Today I thought...ah.. at least Patient One sorted... Little did I know that due to unforeseen complications, I had to go into OT at 5pm and came out at 7.30 pm... Ahhh... and before that I was all the time in the ICU reviewing the patient and talking to the family... it was such a mental stress that I had severe migraine.

All ended well, perhaps not that well but that is beyond my control. However, till now I still have the severe headche. Hopefully 2 Panadol would do the trick. And I am going to sleep now!

So Lesson For The Day: Do Not Ever Change Calls!! You will be CURSED!!!