Friday, September 14, 2007

So what??

What is so wrong being single? An idiotic man at the petrol pump came up and was making small talk with me.

Idiot : Kerja mana? (where are you working)
Me : Hospital
Idiot: Kerja apa?
Me : Adalah (Got la some work)
Idiot : Sister ke staff nurse (yeah rite, women in hospital can only be nurses la...MCP!!!)
Idiot : Dah kahwin?
Me : Tak
Idiot : Eh..takkan menyesal sampai tak nak kahwin (uh duh???)

At this point i was already pissed... wanted to curse the fella but ahhh... remembered this is the Holy month and I should refrain. Bloody hell, non of his business and who is he... ah...

Me : Hmmm.... (get lost fella, i don't want to talk to you)

Idiot : Kenapa la ramai perempuan kerja hospital tak nak kahwin... saya dah kenal 3 orang semua umur 30 puluhan.. tak mahu kahwin....

Me : Hmmm...
(stupid idiot, malay women do not want to get married because there are so many Malay man as idiotic as you).. plus...blah..blah..blah....

*really spoilt my puasa coz I was cursing him eversince then....


John F SeaDemon said...

Hahahahaha..good one!

Let's go for tea...have pizza or something. No point fasting and making yourself hungry for no reason.

Asri said...

Big-town girl meet small-town sensibilities....hehe