Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Insensitive Malaysians

I was driving to work yesterday when I heard the brief news on Hot FM.... Ibubapa Jazlin boleh didakwa... My initial thoughts ...."What the F#$%?".

My god, they have just buried their child, after a month of searching and hope.... such statement should not have been made. People make mistakes, which parent that have not suddenly lose their child in a shopping complex??? Sometimes just a second of being non vigilant the child is lost into the crowd...

It is not a time to finger point at the easiest target, i.e the parents. It's a time to look at our social context and what we really teach the children... In the past there were not as many psychos lurking around, and knowing Wangsa Maju, the area is family orientated... The only mistakes the parents may have done is trusting their neighbourhood to much, and letting their guards down.

First and foremost, I think that investigation of what happened and identification and eventual arrest of the culprit should be the utmost importance. This is to prevent other innocent children from becoming victims.... Not just this particular fiend, but all those sex fiend that has been terrorizing our society.

Second, we need to educate parents to be more vigilant. Our parenting skills are usually hand-downs i.e we care for our children as our parents care for us. Some neighbourhoods in the past were so safe that children ran around playing with no worries at all. Now, the present parents have to be like the Westerners "Do not talk to strangers"; "Do not follow others"; "Only mommy will pick you up from school"...

Lastly, we have to re-instill the good neighbours attitude in our society. This is especially in the towns where people are so used to 'not minding other people business'. If a child gets pulled in to a car...and things looked suspicious people should be a busy body and just poke their nose in... if it's nothing, it's nothing. But if it is something serious or criminal then you may have actually helped the situation...but who knows.

I am so sad for the demise of the child but I am also so angry at the insensitive satement made. Bloody hell, if you have nothing constructive to say "SHUT UP"...

Another group of people I am pissed throughout the recent events are the STUPID INSENSITIVE so called journalists of a leading TV station... after the discovery of the body and the DNA results a lady 'journalist' interviewed the deceased sister who was sobbing away..."Who do you think is the dead body"....."I don't know"...."Then you mean it is not your sister??"..."No...."... " Then if it's not your sister, where is your sister??"... Arrghhh... stupid fart, a person (and mind you this is a child) is trying to cope with the news of a dead family member and you try and sensationalise that they do not admit it's their sibling.... People need time to accept...

Just wait, raya is coming soon... same stupid journalist will be out prowling looking for families that have lost their member during the Raya Rush Home.... Same standard line of questioning..year after year....." Jadi apa perasaan Puan tentang Hari Raya tahun ini..."... Uh duh??? that is surely a RM 1 000 000 question.... and then the cameraman would zoom in on the sobbing faces... Vultures!!!!


John F SeaDemon said...

Nazri is just a fucking farthead who was expelled during Mahathir's time and is now trying to make his mark by saying stupid things.

He can sue me. I can prove he is a farthead. All I have to do is yell into his left ear and bad smell will come out from the right ear.

His mother must have screwed the kampung's stud kerbau and got him.

Spena said...

Kenapa lah ada orang-orang macam ni kat Malaysia? Bila terkena kat batang hidung sendiri, padan muka. Baru dia tau..

Asri said...

Higher up people live in a different reality than us.

They live in secure neighbourhoods, they have outrider escorts, they don't have to go grocery shopping and they have other needs taken care of by assistants.

If they fall victim to a crime, the whole PDRM is mobilized to apprehend the perpetrators.

What do you expect?

floweryskies said...

Its the society. Of course la all this so called "high society" can say whatever they want. They dont even send their kids to this normal school what? + all the body guard around.Kalau terkena kat batang hidung sendiri?baru la tau!
Remembering those days where all the children cycling happily around neighbourhood.Orang jahat tak ramai. Now its change + people just being an ignorance.

ardy said...

Politicians! All they know is talk!

One of these days, they will get whatever coming for them.

I always believe. What goes around, comes around.

Bakawali said...

It is true....Nazri is a farthead.

Spena, Asri, floweryskies... yes this people talk about realities of life in Malaysia when they do not feel what common people feel. They are the high and mighty elitist who can talk theoretically but has never even taken care of their own children.

If it happens to them, yes the whole PDRM will be mobilised.

Ardy, yes what goes around comes around. Not that I wish ill for anyone but sometimes people only emphatise when they have gone through the same thing

neomesuff said...

dono y this people wanna blame everybody else but that setan..
..well...while the setan is not caught yet they lurve to blabber blabber lah. stupidos amigos

John F SeaDemon said...

Anyway, let us not be sad. I have tagged you, Bakawali. So do your tag quickly.

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