Friday, September 14, 2007

Pervert Alert

My colleague Su was complaining that her punch card got lost about 2 weeks' back when we were doing our call claims..... I thought that she had misplaced it (as I often do)

This morning she came up to me and showed me the card... found it slipped under the door of her apartment (hospital quarters). At the top was written...."Tel no saya: 017 xxx xxxx.... saya ingin ajak awak keluar... sila call saya"..

Uh duh??? Su was a bit distressed... means that the person know where she lives... I was on the other hand curious... Facts and questions I gathered from this incident

  1. This idiot must be a hospital staff
  2. What type of men do this kind of irritating behaviour (again, confirmed an idiot)
  3. Why is it these 'men' think that single professional women are so desperate that they'll go for any dick that pass by
  4. Malaysian hospital are breeding grounds for psychos and sex fiends (similar episodes have happened in all the hospital I have worked in - I myself have been in such situation)
I am not anti-men, I am anti opportunistic parasites or in Malay 'biawak hidup'. So sad that in this modern era of Malaysia there is a new breed of Malay men, the ones who have no pride in being the head of the family and has no shame in living off the earnings of his wife(s); to the extent some would seek a well-paid professional Malay lady with hopes that he would never ever have to work and can just be a stud...(that is if he is a stud!)


John F SeaDemon said...

The matrons should start dressing up in cleavage revealing low cut v-neck blouses to take the heat off you guys

Bakawali said...

hahahaha...don't think that anyone is spared from the pervertness of the place...

Maybe the matrons themselves have a tale or two

John F SeaDemon said...

Maybe the matrons used to do perverted things on these perverts when they were younger.

Asri said...

Women eh? You go straight up to them, they call you rude and ignore you. You pass them a note (while returning your lost item), they call you a pervert.

Can't win.

Bakawali said...

Hmmm... I'd rather the person come straight up rather then scribble something and ask me to call.

Maybe it's just me!!