Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The next step

I am already in my 4th month of gazettement as an Orthopaedic Surgeon.... Time flies I must say. Still a lot of things to learn, new things, refreshing old but almost forgotten things... the cycle never ends.

I have been also actively undertaking care of all the Paediatric cases.... especially the clubfeet. I initially thought of doing Paediatric orthopaedic as a sub-speciality but now, I don't think so. The reason being is I am too lazy to study anymore. If I do subspeciality training, I have to join a 4 year fellowship... that I don't mind.

But with the recent changes in Malaysia Orthopaedic fellowship training I am not keen at all... There is an examination at the end of Year One and another at the end of Year Four. Enough is enough... don't feel like stopping life just to take exams anymore. Furthermore, Paeds sub-speciality is so vast, I have to read everything under the sun... embrology, genetics to name the few topics... It is almost like studying for the Paediatric exams. And one of the reasons why I opted not to do Paediatrics was that.... too lazy to study that much.

I would not have minded if the 4 years is an apprenticeship kind of posting... I love reading for knowledge but not for exams... and thus my decision.

I may opt to do advance trauma, not to say it is easier, but it's more of adrenaline rush kind of field plus... it's a bread and butter type of sub-speciality... dunno... have another 6 months to make up my mind....


Spena said...

Well, I don't really know what does "advance trauma' means but my brother did the 'accident & emergency' like the ER thingy and now doing his Anaesthetist specialisation. He also said he wants something exciting.