Monday, September 17, 2007

Rescue Me - A Redang Experience (Part 2)

Finally Macha's lappie is OK.... these are the photos he took during my last dive there... yess the seahorse!!!!!

I am so in love with Redang


floweryskies said...

fuaaaaa seahorse i hope it will still be there next year :D

Spena said...

ohh! the seahorse! they really have this in Redang? oh....I really need to get this diving done soon.
what do you do when you get excited underwater when seeing all this?you can't scream or shout...can you?

Bakawali said...

Floweryskies.... next year we go.... All the gang, Saliha should be back by then

You can scream and shout if you want to... I usually laugh n sing...

But usually I'll be grinning ear to ear... Too happy to say anything

So, bila nak belajar diving????

Spena said...

Definitely nak belajar, and plan to be soon. Tapi dah discuss dgn SD kena make sure swimming is ok first. That part....ada lemah lutut sikit.
Sea horse, here I come!!!