Thursday, September 06, 2007

Grey's Anatomy

Life is not fair. Why does Meredith Grey gets a cute hunky neurosurgeon and gets to work in a hospital where everyone looks damn good. And the cardiothoracic surgeon is not bad looking too.

Where ever i I worked ( I have worked in HKL, UH, Penang GH, and now Temerloh GH) there has not been a remotely good looking guy that can spur me on to wake up for work. Even the occasional good looking dying patient like the one Izzie was head over heels has yet to surface.... Ahhhhh.......all those kids wanting to become doctors to have a life full of fun, sex and scandals would be very disappointed listening to my life as an orthopaedic surgeon... No scandals, no sex in the call rooms, and the closest I come to something remotely exciting will be the time my surgeon played footsie with me during OT.

This life is boring .....................................


John F SeaDemon said...

I only want the Head Nurse to keep me happy

Bakawali said...

The head nurse to keep you happy or the nurse to keep your head happy??

John F SeaDemon said...

either way it works the same doesn't it? ;)

floweryskies said...

no such thing as good looking as grey's anatomy..
most of good looking hunk are dummy hahaha
sorry no offense kuh kuh kuh