Sunday, September 30, 2007


Federal Holidays
10th Jan Awal Muharram
7th-8th Feb CNY
20th Mar Maulidur Rasul
1st May Labor Day
19th May Wesak Day
7th June Agong's Birthday
31st Aug Merdaka Day
1st-2nd Oct Hari Raya Puasa
27th Oct Deepavali
8th Dec Hari Raya Haji
25th Dec Christmas

Pahang State holiday

1st Jan New Year
7th May Hari Hol
17th Sept Nuzul Quran
24th Oct Sultan's Birthday

Thinking of when to go for holiday... although I am at a spur of the moment person... I plan my holidays way in advance


ardy said...

Ah, thank God cuti-cuti kali ni tak jatuh on a Saturday, like this year punye!

I'm so looking forward to next year! :)

- guile - said...

20th March holiday is a long weekend. just take the friday off. lama tuh!

Spena said...

Kite nak gi mana Guile? Ada plan ke?

John F SeaDemon said...

I nak kawin...

Bakawali said...

Ah...SD you kawin is a non event... dah byk kali... macam basi aje... he hehehee

20th March ke Guile...Spena... Ardy... lets go guys will do your OWD that an idea???

John F SeaDemon said...

Bakawali...oh, ok then. So my prospective wife and I shall have a quiet one la while you guys go diving ;)

ardy said...

Yes, diving and skinny dipping should be included in our plans next year ;)

Bakawali said...

Ardy, Skinny Dipping??? Yessszzzz

Bakawali said...

SD, you can get married on the island...heheheheheh

John F Seademon said...

Tak nak aah...nanti nak projek you all mengintai

ardy said...

Hahah, mengintai? ;)

Not to worry SD, we'll be busy with each other ;)

(skinny dipping most probably)

Bakawali said...

Ahh.. SD... it's not always about you...

ah yes, by then I may be too busy with someone to bother...*wink* *wink*

John F seademon said...

More arse groping...pervert.